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Season 2???

Has it been renewed?? or has CTV been quiet on that front? Or worse has it been cancelled??? Do you think NBC pulling it from it's schedule will affect CTVs decision?

So ?

When are we getting the new episodes ?????????????? It's been stuck on "the journey" like... forever!

the listener

question now that the listener has a new home does it mean all the old episodes will be removed and is it really starting from the beginning

episodes of the listner and rules of engagment

can some one please put up more links for these shows other wise i will have to remove them from my tv guide and i want to watch them

Economic Crisis Hits Entertainment Industry

Lately my attention has been drawn to the fact that the US' economic crunch is affecting the entertainment industry, and how it's been affected. We see the proof in the budget cuts made to keep shows like Chuck on the air. This isn't the only example though. Instead of creating new shows, networks have taken to purchasing shows created and viewed in other countries. NBC's The Listener has practically gone around the world already. Their other new series premiering in June, Merlin , was filmed and viewed previously in the UK. ABC Family's Sophie recently ended it's stint on CBC (Canada), and Secret Diary of a Call Girl was filmed in the UK and began airing on Showtime a year after it started on ITV2 (UK). Do you feel that buying shows from other countries and showing them in the US works? Or is this just another way that the country is losing money by not filming and creating shows here?

the last 2 episodes of the listener

the last 2 episodes of the listener are not working

the listener

does any one know if this show is still on as it says it is current but the last episode was the 14th of april