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I love laughing at the people on Matchmaker!

This show is funny but kinda sad at the same time. I cant believe people would go on a show like this to actually meet people who want to be with millionaires. I mean why would you ever want to date someone who knows your net worth before they even meet you and see it as a prerequisite to why they want to date you. LAME! In the back of their mind they are always going to say oh I have to stay with this person cause they are rich. Personally I would rather find someone to be with ON MY OWN because they genuinely like me (call me old fashion-sarcasm) and then maybe later after dating them for months maybe even a year or two hint at it but still not out right tell them that I am a millionaire (I think they would have notice by that point anyway), but still never tell them my actual net worth. I dont know about you but not even my wife will know my official net worth! Are you nuts?!!!! Still the show has some good information on what NOT TO SAY and DO when your on a date so I like that information. You have to find the good in the really bad show, that's my motto. HAHA ;P *wink* BTW Patti dissing guys who are 5'6 and 5'7 (the height which most women are at or below) is ridiculous, most women would date a man who is 5'6 or 5'7 especially if he is good-looking, a nice guy, successful, and would never subject himself to the shallowness of being on a show like this, whether it was to find a woman (especially) or just to gain publicity ;) More power to Patti though she is making loads of money off of a particularly shallow segment of the population who has heaps of low self-esteem.

april 16th 2009 ep. (plastic surgeon and michael)

does anyone know who ANGELA (model) is from the april 16th episode. the shy filipina girl.