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'The Muppets' Season 1, Episode 11 Recap: 'The Muppets' Reboot Starts Strong With 'Swine Song'

With a new showrunner in tow after its midseason break, The Muppets now comes with a soft reboot that is being baked into the narrative as well. The ratings and critical reception have been so-so...   Read More... //

The Muppets Recap: The Full Miley

  The Muppets are back! And they're bett okay maybe not better than ever, but they're certainly diff um, okay, maybe not that different either. But they do have a cute little penguin now!   So, I'm still waiting for The Muppets to find its footing as the show I'd so wanted it to be. (I may have been building things up for myself since the new showrunner was announced in November.) The format, which may be the show's weakest aspect, hasn't changed. Jokes still land somewhat rarely, though I watched so much 30 Rock over the past week my joke expectation ratio might be a little skewed. I still felt that old sighing pang of knowing that a new Muppets TV show exists, despite it feeling absolutely nothing like the Muppets....    Read More.... //

Review: Did 'The Muppets' add 'a little more joy' with revamped show?

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Swine Song," the first "Muppets" episode from new showrunner Kristin Newman, guest-starring Key and Peele.    Read More... //

The Muppets Recap: A Glimmer of Hope

  At the end of "Single All the Way", Kermit sums up everything I've had to say since the showrunner shake-up : "We're about to have a couple of weeks off, so that's some good news." This episode marked the end of the show's initial ten-episode order, so there's nothing to do now but wait and hope that The Muppets will look brighter next spring.   Among other reasons, I'm excited about this break because I don't have much new insight or criticism to add about The Muppets as it is. The show remains disappointing, and it's bizarre to feel so thoroughly disinterested in the exploits of some of my favorite fictional characters. Thankfully, at least "Single All The Way" is the best possible version of The Muppets thus far.   Read More... //

'The Muppets' Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: No Muppet Is Alone On Christmas

With the Christmas episode as the last show of the year, everyone on The Muppets is in a rush to take care of business, and Single All the Way is accordingly stuffed with about as many plots as...   Read More... //

The Muppets Season 1, Episode 9 Recap: The Muppets Comes To Its Senses And Puts The Great Gonzo Front And Center

It is a wonder that The Muppets has not had more Gonzo-centric stories. Besides Muppets from Space, he has rarely been the central protagonist, but he has always been prominent in a way such ...   Read More... //

The Muppets Recap: Brought To You by Piggy Water

  I'm deeply disturbed by Camilla's absence. I know I've brought this up already. Should we send out a search party? Comb every farm, back-up singing group, and Kentucky Fried Chicken in America? Where could Gonzo's missing girlfriend be that would explain her mysterious absence from The Muppets ? If the show has remembered, at long last, that The Great Gonzo is integral to the Muppets family, surely they must remember his longtime partner?   Read More... //


Well, those viewers who've been put off by some of the over-sexualized aspects of this new Muppets series will have a freakin' field day with tonight's episode, "Too Hot to Handler." Which not only focused on Fozzie's relationship with Becky becoming more serious and committed, but it placed Scooter in Chelsea Handler's aggressively sexual crosshairs. And - basically - kept him there. Because it looks like he and Handler and going to continue to date. With Handler even being so enamored with Scooter than she's willing to "cold shower" it for a while, slow down, and maybe use some of her (junior) high school moves. Because this was definitely "too much sugar" for Scooter. READ MORE...


First off, I can't resist "Rainbow Connection" (even when it's split in half by a conical break). So I liked the way this episode concluded and its particular solution for Kermit's personal zen-spot. The fact that he's so stressed out though, and needed to find a way to unwind and relax, is part of a larger lingering issue I have with the series regarding the perpetual grounding down and crushing of Kermit's spirit. Even the way he somberly says "I guess it's time to get things started" at the end of the opening credits is a bummer. So that, plus weeks of Kermit confessionals about stress, sleep screaming, and constant anxiety, have worked to suck the whatever joy there is to be had out of the premise. READ MORE...

'The Muppets' Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Chelsea Handler Is 'Too Hot' For Scooter 'To Handler'

The Muppets has settled into a pleasant groove, in which the nastier tendencies that typified the new adult branding of this show have been toned down. Scooter, Kermit, and Fozzie take center s...   Read More... //