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The New Normal “Obama Mama” Review

This episode of  The New Normal  might be the best  ever, and we’re not even deep into the season yet! I’ll talk quickly about what happened in  the episode , then I’ll give my reasons for why I loved it so much. Bryan and David  confront Jane about her intentions to vote for Mitt Romney.  The funny thing about the confrontation is that even though the episode was filmed way before the "47 percent" remarks said by Romney, the episode still seems to reference what he said somehow. Anyway, Jane rounds back on them saying that their voting for President Obama is racist because they’re voting only because he’s black. I think what she’s referencing is the "White Guilt" syndrome that some people seem to carry with them. She also gets under their skin by telling them they’re playing at being liberal while not having any black friends in their circle. To spite her, Bryan invites her to their dinner party that will be rife with diversity, including their black friends. However, they weren’t planning on having a party. Even worse–they don’t have any black friends. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/09/25/the-new-normal-obama-mama-review/