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The Newsroom: Spoilers for the First Four Episodes

Thus far in his series television career, Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin has peeled the curtain back and taken his audience inside the worlds of politics, sketch comedy, and sports news. His upcoming fourth venture into the medium, The Newsroom , looks to take the political focus of The West Wing and the news angle of Sports Night to create a look at the American cable news system. In The Newsroom , we'll be following anchor Will McAvoy, having phoned in his performance on well-rated News Night and losing his journalistic fire in the process. However, once he gets embroiled in scandal, he becomes a much less passive newsman, utilizing a new team to bring back the news standards of years gone by. Can Will and his latest crew of executive producers, reporters, and staff make the show they want to and report the news the way they see fit? Read More... //