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The Office 'Customer Survey': Trouble in Paradise?

*'Customer Survey' Spoilers Included!* In this week's The Office , we finally got more JAM... kind of... and we got Jim and Dwight teaming up which actually worked surprisingly well for them for once without it all being about one playing a prank on the other. So while Dwight and Jim investigated why they received bad customer surveys, Pam got to be in on it all while she and Jim hung out in their respective offices with "the world's smallest bluetooth" phones in their ears so they could talk all day without their offices knowing. But as it turns out, there are moments both of them don't actually want to share with each other, even in their perfect Jim and Pam chummy adorableness. The new friend of Pam's who seemed rather suspect of being interested in Pam appeared at corporate to talk to Pam about how he thought she needed to stay in New York, and that it'd be a waste for her to go back to Scranton so soon with so much of NY left to experience. So what did you think of this bluetooth moment that actually brought awkwardness between our perfect couple? Will Pam realize being in Scranton with Jim is not what's right for her post-design school? Will this put more dangerous space (literally and figuratively) between Jim and Pam? Read the full review of this episode: The Office 'Customer Survey': The Scranton Hardy Boys Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

The Office 'Employee Transfer': Nashua the Love Snatcher?

*"Employee Transfer" Spoilers Included* This week's The Office , "Employee Transfer," was a little bit spooky, a lot funny, and a little bit sad. At the office, we started with a triple Joker threat on Halloween, then a single threat to follow - from Dwight to Andy as Dwight decided to become a Cornell man just to spite Andy. But the biggest threat of all was to Holly and Michael budding romance! I was worried for Michael and Holly when in last week's episode, corporate's David Wallace saw them kissing, and apparently my worries weren't big enough! I thought it may cause a little trouble, but it actually led Wallace to transfer Holly back to her previous branch in Nashua, New Hampshire. Their storyline this week followed them as Michael took a personal day to move Holly (along with Darryl and his Dunder Mifflin moving truck), only to see Holly fall apart, then Michael fall apart as they realized this distance was just too much. So sad! We've just come to love this adorable Holly and Michael relationship and it's being taken away?? What do you think? Will Holly stay in Nashua and fall off the edge of the Scranton world we know and love, or is this just a little hitch in this new romance that will work out including Holly's return to Scranton? Check out the full review of this episode: The Office 'Employee Transfer': Why so Serious? Photo courtesy of TVGuide.com

25 Greatest TV Characters

Here is a little list I cooked up of the 25 Greatest television characters (in my opinion)... at least the characters that make me keep watching television: 1) Ari Gold - Entourage 2) Juliet Burke - LOST 3) Michael Scott - The Office 4) Hawkeye Pierce - MASH 5) Josh Lyman - West Wing 6) Creed Bratton - The Office 7) The Janitor - Scrubs 8) Tobias Funke - Arrested Development 9) Andy Botwin - Weeds 10) Desmond Hume - LOST 11) Sam Seaborn - West Wing 12) Chandler Bing - Friends 13) Perry Cox - Scrubs 14) Charlie Pace - LOST 15) Commander Data - Star Trek: The Next Generation 16) Chuck Bartowski - Chuck 17) Ben Linus - LOST 18) James Wilson - House 19) Michael Bluth - Arrested Development 20) Thomas Magnum - Magnum P.I. 21) George Feeny - Boy Meets World 22) Johnny Drama - Entourage 23) Josiah Bartlett - West Wing 24) David Brent - The Office (UK) 25) Debra Barone - Everybody Loves Raymond

What is the Best Episode?

I found myself asking what are the best single episodes in TV, and I came up with this list of the best episodes of television! 1) Season 1 Finale of West Wing 2) Season 4 Finale of The Office 3) Brendan Fraser's Death on Scrubs 4) Lost - Season 1 Finale 5) 20 Hours In America - West Wing 6) Arrested Development - 1st Episode 7) Expose - LOST 8) Season 3 Finale of Weeds 9) Scrubs - My Musical 10) Celestial Navigation - West Wing 11) Curb Your Enthusiasm - Krazee Eyez Killah 12) MASH - Series Finale 13) Entourage - Season 5, Episode 3 14) The Office - Season 3 Finale 15) Friends - The One With Brad Pitt 16) LOST - Walkabout 17) West Wing - Season 6 Finale 18) Justice League Unlimited - 2-Part Series Finale 19) My Lunch - Scrubs 20) House - Season 4 2-Part Finale *Some comments have been removed for including inappropriate content. It's great to have discussions like this as everyone's opinions are different - that's the fun of it! :) So please comment all you like, but keep it clean, appropriate, and be kind to your fellow SideReel members. Thank you!

The Office 'Crime Aid': Too couplicious?

'Crime Aid' Spoilers Included! On The Office this season, we've gotten a newbie possibility, an exciting adorableness yet New York-ness of our dear favorite, and a nerdy love triangle. At the end of last season, Michael and Holly were merely a possibility, JAM was perfection but not engaged, and the Dwight-Angela-Andy debacle was a perfect mess of engagement and a tawdry hook-up of hopefully real love. But this week on 'Crime Aid,' it got down to the heart of the matter for all of these Office couple situations - Michael and Holly actually went on a date - in fact, moved to their 3rd date and some in-office messing around, Jim and Pam were still perfect but very apart as Jim ran into Roy and realized maybe they weren't as solid as he thought, and Dwight gave Angela an ultimatum to choose Andy or "all this," which she apparently didn't want. So is this too much couple drama for our favorite ridiculous comedy or is it completely satisfactory to have our beloved characters all working out their romantic happiness? Check out the full review of this episode: The Office 'Crime Aid': Michael Scott, My Hero


Great Show, they're are making another seasons.


Office the tv-show has proven to be one of the best. I'v never seen this show until in a week. I started watching season 1. It was funny, Steve Carell was at the his best. I recommend this to any that likes funny,entertaining,joyful show. Then this is for you!!

New Office Review: Baby Shower

Baby shower looks amazing. I just want to say that I hope it's not as awkward as last week's episode. I agree with kendra that it was a little short on laughs and high in discomfort. I want to see Pam on the show more!

I think someone is pregers

I want to know what you all think. The scene at the beginning during the ethics meeting and they are talking about stealing Andy brings up about stealing bread to feed your family. Dwight says “Its a trick question. The bread is poisoned. Also, its not your real family. You have been Cuckolded by a stronger, smarter male. Then when the camera zooms out during Andy's response Angela looks into the camera and they hold it just a little too long. She gives us a look like she has done something bad. I think she is pregnant. What do you think?

The Office 'Business Ethics': Too Awkward or Totally Funny?

From what I've seen of the British version, The Office (UK) , it's hilarious, but sometimes a little too awkward. The American The Office has its awkward moments as well, but is always played off in I suppose a more upfront "American" way that often side-steps the painfully awkward into silly awkward and always funny. But in this week's episode, "Business Ethics," I was squirming! I loved the way the episode turned out for Michael and Holly, but I felt so awful for Holly most of the episode and for Michael half the time, and for the rest of the group with the Meredith situation... just too much awkward and not enough laughs! What did you think? Was "Business Ethics" too awkward or still classically Office funny? Read my full review of this episode: The Office: 'Business Ethics = a Scranton Oxymoron Photo courtesy of NBC.com