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I've heard that he was formerly part of a popular band in the 70's and is exactly like his character? Any truth to this?

Office Spinoff...

So ok there hasn't been much news about this supposed new office spinoff. If this is for real who do you think the new spinoff will focus on and where? I've heard that one of the front runners for the new show is Andy. Andy would be a great choice because he's funny and wouldn't really affect the overall show he would be leaving (i think he's actually kinda underused but aren't all the other characters other then micheal, dwight, jim and pam?) BUT with Toby set to leave the office this season, ain't it remotely possible that he could also join the spinoff? Also where is the new show located? Will it be a Dunder-Mifflin branch or maybe a rival company branch? Tell me what you think.


I missed the episode! How long does it take to be posted? I know NBC has all the new episodes, how long after an episode do they post it? I'm dying, I wanna see it.! lol =]

Fake Proposal, a little cruel?

I admit that the segment where Jim faked a proposal to Pam was hilarious, it seemed a bit cruel to me. Pam kinda seemed to believe it, and we know she was engaged before so she's open to the idea. hmmmmm I wonder what this means for their relationship.

No one hates on the Office

I haven't met anyone at all who hates this show. Everyone loves it because it is the best show out there. Can't wait for the new episodes


I remembered how much I missed the office when I started watching Paula Dean's cooking show. . .

Please come back

I don't know if I can wait until April 10th. I have it marked on all my calenders. The only thing we can do now is sit and count the seconds.

The Office

I can't wait for the Office to come back. This show is the funniest of the funny. -Gluteus Mattimus