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Who From “The Royals” Cast Will Have the Most Successful Careers?

The Royals is a primetime soap opera that started up in 2015 and has continued running since that time. Like its name suggests, it is focused on the British royal family of a contemporary world. However, said royal family is not the Windsors but rather the Henstridges. Moreover, the British royal family on The Royals is a lot more exciting than their real world counterparts, which makes sense considering the soap opera nature of the series. So far, The Royals has managed to make quite an impression, so it will be interesting to see what will happen to the careers of its cast members from this point on. READ MORE...

The Royals Finale: William Moseley Breaks Down Biggest Cliffhangers, Looks Ahead to Potential Fifth Season

King Roberts wedding day finally arrived on Sundays season finale of The Royals, presenting his family with the perfect opportunity to expose him in front of the entire world. Unfortunately, the plan which was for Willow to hijack the ceremony and announce that Robert caused the blackout hit a slight snag when the []

The Royals Finale Video: Liam Reaches Out to King Robert on His Wedding Day

Ready or not, the Royal Wedding is just two days away. (No, notthatRoyal Wedding.) Im talking about the highly anticipated union of King Robert and soon-to-be Queen Willow on Sundays season finale of The Royals (E!, 10/9c). Star William Moseley is among those who cant believe the incredible timing of the couples big day, which []

The Royals Season 4 Premiere: Who Was Shot? And What Happens Next?

Sundays season premiere of The Royals began with a (fortunate) near-miss and ended with a (most unfortunate)direct hit. Picking up immediately where last seasons cliffhanger left off, Liam turned to Cyrus for help exposing Robert, only to be greeted by a shot from his uncles pistol. (We canallbe thankful for his terrible aim.) Still, []

The Royals Season 4 Trailer: Will King Robert's Reign End With a Bang?

St gets regal when The Royals returns to E! next month, and TVLine has an exclusive first look at the (fatal?) fourth season. As youll see in the new trailer, King Roberts rule is off to a jolly good start, with everyone from Jasper to Cyrus and beyond living in constant fear of []

E!'s Hit Original Scripted Series "The Royals" Returns Sunday, March 11 with a Season Premiere Filled with Romance and Intrigue

"The Royal Hangover," the digital companion series to the scripted program, will also return on March 11.   ...Read More...

The Royals Season 4: First Trailer Pits Queen Helena Against King Robert

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be dominating headlines these days, but E! is here to remind us that theyre not theonlyRoyals worth keeping an eye on. The network on Tuesday night released a first look at Season 4 ofThe Royals, premiering sometime in 2018, and its even more ludicrous than fans could have hoped []

The Royals: 25 Women Support Showrunner Harassment Claims; Elizabeth Hurley Calls It 'Shocking'

Just three days after female cast and crew members from One Tree Hill released a joint statement accusing former showrunner Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment, the women of The Royals, Schwahns current TV project, are following suit. Twenty-five actresses and female staffers from the E! drama contributed to the statement, which was released Thursday, claiming []

The Royals Female Cast and Crew Accuse Mark Schwahn of "Repeated Unwanted Sexual Harassment"

The letter comes after Schwahn was suspended from his role as showrunner on 'The Royals' on Wednesday.   ...Read More...

The Royals Star Alexandra Park Hopes For A New Normal In Wake Of Mark Schwahn Accusations

Alexandra Park took to Twitter in response to the sexual harassment allegations facing The Royals creator/executive producer/showrunner Mark Schwahn , who was suspended from his post today. In her tweet, Park commended the women and men who have spoken up about the allegations facing Schwahn. She added her voice to the chorus, tweeting, "I have a responsibility as someone who was working under Mark Schwahn on The Royals' to acknowledge these claims. I am devastated to   ...Read More...