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Tudors Season 3 cut short??

It seems like the Tudors Season 3 wasn't as long as it usually was. What's the deal?

Three L's in the Logo...?

What do the three stylized L's in the 'T' of "Tudors" represent?

Can "The Tudors" survive without Anne?

Put differently, is the build up to Anne Boleyn's death the crescendo of the show? Will they succeed, as I believe it's their intention, in following Henry's other wives in later seasons while keeping the show's intensity. And, can they do it while maintaining any sort of historical credibility? Opinions? B

King Henry needs a fork!!! And wat did you think of the finale?

Wow, did anyone else find the last scene to the Tudors disgusting....ewwwww. Stop divorcing your wives and get a fork!!! Also King Henry is kinda going crazy, yelling at people (poor choir girls) and jumping in dirty ponds saying its the fountain of youth, geez he needs a therapist. I cried for Queen Anne because certain ppl convinced me that she was a good woman just ahead of her time kinda like Shakespeare's Lady Macbeth (Loved her). I feel so sorry for the now Lady Elizabeth and can someone tell me wat happened to Mary Boleyn...i heard them mention her but i wasnt really paying attention to what they were saying? How was Anne's marriage declared null and void by Mary? OMG!! anne's father, that bastard pissed me off!!! They should have killed him, it was all his fault and he was just happy that he was alive. He forgot all about the deaths of his son and Anne and just left. I wonder if he went back to Mary? I hope he did so she could throw him to the dogs and say to him "Your banished from me and the family i have left, now get the hell out!" Dont mind me, i'm just venting......Just tell me what you thought of the finale, basically.

Season 2 Episode 6

I'm just watching second season now...I must have missed something cause the marriage of George is confusing me.... Why is he marrying this girl? Why did he rape her on wedding night? Is he gay? (at the reception that one guy kinda insinuated so...)

WOW!!!! I never thought!!!

About a week ago, I posted a message that i was actually HAPPY to see that Anne's death was near. But after watching this episode, I feel so bad for her. Her father and brother played her into loving the king because of greed and now she is gonna die. I also feel bad for all the men that died especially Anne's brother and the musician. Anne's brother (I forgot his name), was a bitch to his wife and karma bit him in the ass, but he didn't deserve to die. And the poor musician, tortured into pieces...so sad. I believe I now dislike King Henry, he blames everything thats wrong with him on his women and they all except for Jane and the Catherine (the last one) makes it out ok. such a baby!!! Does anyone agree with any of this???

What really happened?

I love the show, think it is amazing and until this last episode so true to the real story and everything that i have learnt about King Henry and his wives (other than Jonathan Rhys Meyers is 1 million times more good looking!!) Anyway the point is that in this recent episode it makes out that the allegations against Queen Anne were exaggarated and mis construed! As far as my research has shown me, these allegations were true, other than the incest bit with her brother! I realise that any adaptation can never be 100% true to life but for my own knowledge i was wondering if anyone knew any more information.. Aside from this I am please Queen Anne is going, she is annoying and conceited,so unlike a real queen should be, like Queen Cathrine, royal till the end. The casting is perfect for the characters and it made my day, even week knowing there will be another season... Historical information please...........

Bye to "Queen Anne"!

Is anyone else besides me happy to see her and her family fall FINALLY!!! Feel sorry for Elizabeth though. Too bad season 3 is a WHOLE year away.

Confused =/

Ok, I'm confused..... I just watched season 1 episode 1 and I love it. lol But, season 1 episode 2 seems 2 be all mixed up. Like some of the links are half of episode 1 others are from somewhere else. If anyone could clarify on mybe which links i should be watching I'd be great full.

Seaon 2 is almost here...

I'm very excited that the tudors is returning soooooon, just wish Rome was still on the air too.B