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Promotional Poster and Video of 'The Tudors' Season 3

Showtime has begun promoting the third season of " The Tudors " with the release of the first episode sneak peek and the official poster. In this season, King Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour as his third wife and Anne of Cleves as the fourth. Seymour is played by Annabelle Wallis who takes over from Anita Briem, while Anne sees the acting debut of singer Joss Stone. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who plays the King spilled about the women around his character to E!, saying "(Anne of Cleves) is wife number four for three months. That's two episodes, then I banish her to a house in the countryside, but I think she'll be back for season four. The thing is, I've never met Joss' character before I actually meet her. I've only ever seen a painting of her. So I go and I see her, and I don't like her. Not because she's not beautiful-she's just too dramatic. Henry doesn't like her." Apart from revolving around the romance and irrevocable sexual tensions, the new season will also submerge itself with the political scandals. Lady Mary submits to Henry's demands and the Pilgrimage of Grace begins while King ruthlessly quashes an uprising of rebels protesting England's break with Rome. Source & Video

The Tudors Season 3 - Watch The 1st Episode Of Season 3 Today

Just posted the Season 3 premiere. Enjoy :) Click me!


It was GREAT!!! I wont spoil anything because you all need to see it for yourselves. But I would suggest that you sign up to be a VIP. I've been one since last season so i'm unsure if you sign up now, would you be able to see it too. But try and let others know!! I would leave a link but i'm bound By contact because afraid of Leaking, tear!!

The Tudors - Season 3 Promo Poster

First promo poster from the 3rd season Click me!

First Look: The Tudors Season Three - Featured

There's a lot to like about this promo for the third season of Showtime's The Tudors , but the music is absolutely cracking me up. The promo shows scenes of Jonathan Rhys Meyers's Henry VIII and his many wives, all set to the sound of . . . Queen's "I Want It All." Would Henry have been into stadium rock if only it had existed in the Tudor era? How funny is it to have a show about a king with promo music by Queen? Am I just entirely too entertained by this? (Yes.) Anyway, this spot for the third season - which will be eight episodes long and is set to kick off April 5 - shows the war, romance, and killer costumes we've become accustomed to from the series. This third season will cover Henry's third and fourth wives, including the lovely Joss Stone as Anne of Cleves. This is around the time the historical Henry would have been getting fat and unattractive, but don't worry - JRM won't be going down that particular path. Will you be watching the show when it returns this Spring? To rock out to some Queen and watch the promo, just read more. Sneak Peek & Source

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Heats Up The Tudors Again

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a spunky and handsome addition to yesterday's Showtime TCA event to meander through the next season of The Tudors . While Buzz has the info about his relationship with Joss Stone plus other tidbits from the day's panels. Here's what Jonathan had to say about playing the famous character and what sex scenes are like: * On whether he'll gain weight like Henry VIII: "No. I'm not going to turn into the Holbein painting. . . I played it my way. I could have put on the red hair and gained the weight but it's already done. I'm not that guy. This is not that show. . . We wanted to make something with the exciting backdrop but it's entertainment, it's television. . .We have to play with history a little bit. I had to play him my way." * On love then vs. now: "Marriage was a commercial venture rather than a love thing. You married and you had children because children brought you heirs and security for your legacy. . . Usually they were arranged for commercial, political and state value and occasionally a love match was found." * On being comfortable with his love scenes: "Very comfortable. There are worse things you could do with yourself on a rainy Tuesday morning in Dublin than hop in bed with [these ladies]." Source here

TVGuide: Why Anita Briem left The Tudors

Jackson: I am a fan of The Tudors and recently found out that Annabelle Wallis will replace Anita Briem as Jane Seymour in Season 3. Do you know why Anita left? Mickey: I'm hearing that Briem who costars with Brendan Fraser in this summer's Journey to the Center of the Earth chose not to reprise the role. On the upside, Wallis lists basketball, rollerblading and hip-hop-dancing skillz on her resume, so those sure will come in handy! Hmm... that wasn't a very clear answer but I'm guessing she didn't want the chance to pass up a movie and probably didn't want to do any nudity if she stayed on the show. And for those wondering, yes that Jackson who asked the question was me. :D If you ever want to ask any Tudor questions for some scoop email and check every Wednesday at TVGuide's website.

Tudors Casting News: Max von Sydow

From Variety: "Max von Sydow has been added to the cast of The Tudors for the Showtime series' third season. Von Sydow will play Cardinal Von Waldburg, a German-born clergyman who tries to organize the defeat of Henry VIII (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers). Von Sydow will be seen in four of the eight season-three episodes of The Tudors , a Canadian-Irish co-production that's filming in Dublin. The third season of the series will bow next year on Showtime." Source

Joss Stone Marries Into Tudors Family

Henry VIII is getting a fourth wife, and this time she is a British R&B singer. Joss Stone will be joining Showtime's racy royal drama, The Tudors , playing Anne of Cleves. According to the Reporter, Stone's character is the daughter of a German nobleman, and was betrothed to Henry through a marriage treaty after he laid eyes on her portrait. Upon Anne's arrival in England, however, Henry is less than thrilled because his new wifey's appearance isn't as expected. For more from the source, click here .

What's Next for The Tudors?

If you were left wanting more after last night's Season 2 finale of The Tudors , check out what Tudors' executive producer and writer Michael Hirst has to say about the finale plus what's to come when The Tudors returns! The Tudors : Scoop on What's Next Photo courtesy of