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Ep 7 Ice Queen

Has S4 E7 Actually aired? Can't find links anywhere.


my favorate thing aobut season 4 is henchman 21 hahaha he is the biggest badass ever now hahaha i hope he can bring 24 back >.

Best season so far...

If you are a fan of this show you must agree that this season so far has been pretty f-ing awesome. I love that Dean and Hank are a little older now, that gives the show a whole new perspective that is both new and as funny as it always has been. Every episode this season has been better than the last. I specially like how this season is looking into the future of the venture crew in contrast to the previous seasons where a lot of their stories where rooted in the past. I hope am not the only one who feels this way. If anyone disagrees let me know.

will there be a season 4? if so when?

well i asked what i would like to know in the title? season 3 got a little weird where the had drawn out problems through more than 1 episode which i think made a the show slightly worse but i still like it and would like to see more episodes. anyone know anything about another season i'd like to know.

need more...

Love the venture bros series with a passion... need more information on new episodes and cool stuff like that. Does anyone have any insight as to a good site for venture awesomeness?