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The Walking Dead: "Guts" Review

After a terrific start, The Walking Dead's second episode was a bit of a disappointment – delivering more standard fare, mixed with an extremely hard to believe character. Now don't get me wrong, there was some strong material here as well. The follow up to the predicament we last saw Rick in, as he strived to survive inside a tank being swarmed by zombies, was very exciting. The way Glenn (the likable Steven Yeun) guided Rick to safety was great, as was the continuation of this sequence, with the two men escaping up a precarious ladder, as the zombies all gathered hungrily below. However, things got more troublesome when Glenn introduced Rick to several other survivors he was with. Frank Darabont has made it very clear he will be making diversions from the comic book, including introducing new characters. The thing is, I have no problem with this and had been curious to see what kind of tangents Darabont had planned – which is why I was so let down to meet Merle Dixon. To Read More Click Here.

The Walking Dead 1.02 "Guts" Review

"We need more guts," Rick Grimes told his fellow survivors tonight, and after all the grime and nastiness of the episode, I think there were some viewers at home telling themselves the same thing. Minute for minute, tonight's episode didn't have an incredible amount of gore, but there was one scene of the episode - and we all know what scene that is - that really pushed the envelope for how much blood can be shown on TV. One of the shots made me, like Glenn, really want to hurl. For the first time ever, I was really, really thankful that television doesn't utilize smell. That would have just been devastating. But the merits of this episode should not be based on the ick factor; it, like the comic, really focused on the characters. Like Morgan and Duane last week, Rick got to interact with a whole new cast of characters. And, interestingly, many of these new acquaintances were new to even readers of the comic book as well. In fact, aside from a few, like Glenn, these characters were all completely new or drastically altered. I'll get into a more in-depth comic comparison later this week for those of you who have traced the steps of Rick's illustrated alter ego. To Read More  Click Here.

'The Walking Dead' recap: Boyz in the Zombiehood

We are at a crossroads—an intersection on a lost highway choked with scorched and toppled cars. A lawman approaches. He carries a gas can. The service station is a stockyard of abandoned vehicles forming a makeshift village—a refugee camp—but there are no signs of life. Just trash, moldy food and fly-buzzed corpses. The lawman steps toward a pump to get the fuel he needs for his police cruiser—and a sound stops him. He turns. There is no one there. He drops to his knees and looks under a car. On the other side, a pair of feet in rabbit-ear slippers shuffles toward a teddy bear. The lawman stands. He sees all of her now—a little girl, walking away from him. He calls to her. His eyes widen with hope, but no: She is a Walker—a haunted, rabid husk of rotting flesh with a rictus smirk and an inhuman hunger. The lawman knows what must be done, but he hesitates. This isn’t easy. Not yet. He pulls the trigger. Headshot and splatter. What little that was truly left of the little girl is finally lost for good, and the lawman is again alone. To Read More  Click Here.

The Walking Dead: "Days Gone Bye" Review

 It's no secret this hasn't exactly been the most exciting fall for new TV series, with most new network shows feeling decidedly weak and pedestrian. This makes it all the more gratifying to have much-anticipated The Walking Dead finally arrive on AMC and get off to such a strong start – even though it's tempered by the knowledge that the first (but hopefully not only) season is comprised of just six episodes.  Based on Robert Kirkman's comic book about a world overrun by zombies, the TV series has quite a pedigree, coming from executive producers Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator, Aliens) and Frank Darabont, with the latter -- the acclaimed filmmaker behind The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile -- the main creative force here, writing and directing the first episode, "Days Gone Bye."  Full disclosure on my Walking Dead background, as I'm sure it will come up sometimes while reviewing the series: I'm a huge fan of the comic book. I'm not quite all caught up, but have read the first 10 trade paperbacks (which go through issue 60), and am very curious to see how this show might pull off some of the storylines to come down the line…  To Read More  Click Here.