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'Top Gear: The Complete Season 3' Launches Onto DVD

Now that we know when Top Gear is going to be blasting back onto History (in just under a month!), BBC Worldwide can release Top Gear: The Complete Season 3 onto DVD. If Season 2 was the show comin... //

'Top Gear' Season 4 to Premiere Tuesday, September 3 on History

HISTORY’s wildly popular TOP GEAR returns Tuesday, September 3 at 9PM ET/PT for an all-new season as hosts Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood come back for more exotic cars and crazy stunts. //

'Top Gear's' Master of Destruction: Talking Season 3 with Adam Ferrara

While his co-host Rutledge Wood is the show's morale officer, Top Gear's Adam Ferrara is something else. No, really, he is. It's Adam who is likely to destroy your car, make you hurt yourself laugh... //

'Top Gear's' Rutledge Wood on Season 3, US Versus UK and Adam Levine

Top Gear host Rutledge Wood is one of the nicest people on the planet. The Georgia native always has a smile on his face and an incredibly warm personality. How is he so positive? Maybe it's becaus... //

History(R) Season 3 Premiere "Top Gear" - Tuesday, August 14th, at 9pm ET

The show's second season broke into the millionaire's club with 1.1 million adults 25-54 and 18-49. //

'Top Gear': Rutledge Wood Crashes His Truck

The " Top Gear " (Tues., 9 p.m. ET on History) team took on truck racing Tuesday night. Having beaten his co-hosts to win a spot in an actual truck race in California, Rutledge Wood got to race for real, but it nearly ended in tragedy. After taking a series of bumps at speed, Rutledge wiped out. His truck flipped over several times before finally coming to rest on its roof. Adam Ferrara watched anxiously as the safety crew and medics attended to Rutledge. "It's not good," Adam said. "He's not standing up." Thankfully, a battered and bruised Rutledge sustained only minor injuries. "How'd it look?" he asked Adam. "It looked great ... we need another angle," joked Adam. "Can you do it again?" "Top Gear" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on History. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. //

US 'Top Gear' moves into second

History's "Top Gear" is coming back for a second season this month, beginning July 24. To start the season off right, they've created a brilliant promo that manages to combine the kind of classic car droolery you'd expect from a car show with an homage to '70s flicks and a spot-on sendup of the hosts' various on-screen personas. According to Krista Liney, VP of on-air marketing at History, the network wanted "to pay homage to the action films of the 70's, which paired a bigger than life character with a car with an equally big personality (like "Smokey and the Bandit")...These films often blended humor with amazing car stunts the same way that 'Top Gear' does."As an added bonus, "the guys loved being filmed like action heroes with their own 'specialty,' " she says. With that in mind, Liney says, that race car driver Tanner Foust got a "Sean Connery, James Bond type of flair, the kind of guy who takes driving seriously and is always in control." Meanwhile, expert Rutledge Wood was "a mix between John Travolta in 'Grease' and 'The Dukes of Hazzard.' " As for comic (and accidental car wrecker) Adam Ferrara, well, "there is no better comparison for Adam than Burt every Burt Reynolds movie," she says. //

'Top Gear' Gets Green Light for Season 2

"Top Gear" fans, start your engines: The stylish (and popular) British import is getting a second season on History Channel. The U.S. car series, which was adapted from the BBC show, will retain its co-hosts, comedian Adam Ferrara, champion rally/drift racer Tanner Foust and racing analyst Rutledge Wood. Read More... //

'Top Gear': Bret Michaels is the rock star in a small car

While few Bret Michaels fans would be surprised to learn that the rock star and "Celebrity Apprentice" champion knows his way around a tour bus, that's far from the only vehicle that gets his motor running."I'm an old-school, true gearhead," says Michaels, talking to Zap2it in mid-October at the test track for History's Sunday car show "Top Gear," where he has just completed a lap in the red Suzuki SX4 hatchback as part of the show's "Big Star in a Small Car" segment."Some people get excited about driving a car and being in a car," he continues. "Even a bad day on my dirt-bike track or my go-cart track, a bad day in a car on a track like this, is a good day to me. There's never a bad day."He even indulges while on the road playing music."You're either born into it or you get it in your blood, that need for speed, that... //

Tim Allen Clocks 'Top Gear's' Third Fastest Celebrity Racing Lap (VIDEO)

Tim Allen said he looked "geeky" as he raced around the track on the U.S. 'Top Gear' (Sun., 10PM ET on HIST). "You think the helmet makes you look like a bigger geek, or the car?" asked host and racing analyst Rutledge Wood of the "Big Star in a Small Car" scene. Allen answered, "No, me. Just, I look at other pictures of me, and I go, 'Who's that old man there?'" Well, the actor certainly didn't drive like an old man, placing third among the series' other celebrity racers. But Allen was disappointed: fellow Detroit native Kid Rock bested him for second place. Source & Video