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Waiting and waiting

any one know when torchwood will be back?

Jack being a hypocrite?

He said that a wound to one is a wound to all, yet he sacrifices his grandson. And I do understand that if not all the children would have become alien crack, but as he said he liked that philosophy, so why did he disregard it so quickly?

Torchwood Rocks!!!

Okay, I'll admit that it started off kind of slow and I really didn't like the occasional hugs, kisses between Ianto and Jack Harkness. I'm not sorry if I offend because everyone has the right to their opinion. I think they could have just left that out. That they killed Ianto off did irk me, because in spite of the gay parts I liked him. This mini-series took off on the third part, at least I think so. And the ending was super spectacular. The excitement, the anger, the grief just came in wave after wave. I'm glad I didn't listen to others who said this would really suck, because if anything it kicked butt. The ending was as I said spectacular, but it showed a side of Jack I didn't like. Jack Harkness was willing to sacrifice his own to save the world and while that might make him look like a hero in the eyes of the world, I could understand his daughter's hatred of him. I did try to look at it from both sides, but I'm a mother myself and all I could think of was that maybe she'd feel better if he was incased in concrete again and put somewhere where she could look at him everyday and relish whatever torture he was going through. I know I took this a bit too personally, but like I said I'm a woman and my emotions usually get the better of me. I would definitely recommend this mini-series, if you don't mind being hit in the face with the gay agenda. As for me, I think it would be best if they wouldn't ruin a good series by putting in any kind of sexual preference. They should try just for once to let a series stand on its own.

choppy slow downloads

Is it just me, or are we missing some usual suspects for video hosting, where you can load the whole video and watch it without the studder and stop. I have tried several site and each do not semm to cache the videos, so no matter how long i pause, sometimes up to an hour, it seems to make no difference.

Series 3

Series 3 is pretty exciting so far. Thanks for posting!

I like torchwood, I dont like Gwen.

It might seem shallow or weird but something about gwen's face annoys the shit outta me. I really like the show but her teeth man.. just weirds me out. She's pretty and everything but something about her can't put my finger on it, just annoying.

SEASON 3 Coming Back???

When is Torchwood Season 3? Any one knows that or what?

Give Merlin a Chance!

I'm going to stick my neck out on the line here and call out those lurking the discussions section of the site to come to the Merlin page and try the first and second episode (when it airs tonight, 7:30PM BBC1 (UK)). As much as people are having difficulty accepting Merlin replacing the increasing popular Doctor Who, the show is starting to show the tell tale signs of becoming interesting. All I ask is if Doctor Who and the likes of Torchwood sparked a glimmer of interest in any of you, give Merlin a shot. Sure, it doesn't branch off of the same Genre, but the audience is the same and I think if you try a episode 1 and tonights episode, you may start to find yourself enjoying the show! I hope some of you may agree and stick around for tonight's show, I'll try to have it in the link section as soon as possible after it airs.

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New Recruits

For anyone who tuned in to see the Doctor Who series 4 finale, there were many references to Torchwood (since Jack, Ianto and Gwen were all making guest appearances). There is a major hint as to who will be replacing Tosh and Owen. This is all speculation, but it seemed to be a pretty obvious hint - One of the characters has already had some face time on Torchwood - Martha Jones [who would be filling the doctor position left vacant by Owen's departure]. The second potential recruit is Mickey Smith [who would be filling in the computer/tech genius], now that he has returned from the alternate Earth from the Doctor Who series. Interesting to note that Jack, Martha and Mickey have all traveled with the Doctor to one degree or another - it seems fitting I suppose since Torchwood was founded because of the Doctor. What does everyone think of these possible recruits? Yay? Nay?