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Trauma Deserves more Respect

I think Trauma deserves more respect than it gets. I think the show has developed well and the characters are growing into a very good ensemble cast. I think that the show is well written and is showing a lot of promise. Take the latest episode "Targets" the plot was good, the acting believable and the twist well timed. You had the married man's wife worrying about him, and his inability to leave his partners in a lurch. You hand the two partners learning that after all the time they had been to gather there was still something to learn. You had the new lovers that found out that love is not all roses and rainbows, and that everyone has a past. You had the crazy sniper that was targeting law enforcement; he was creating scenes to get as many of them together as he could. You had the "crazy guy" doing something that was very in character and very stupid at the same time. I think the touch of the cops saying that the sniper was already dead was very realistic of human nature, and Nancy saying that if the let him die they are no better than him was a good counter point. The ending with the captain and Rabbit was as poetic as you could get and just as heart warming as it should have been. I hope they give Trauma a second season, the show has great potential.

Question about Trauma

Is trauma done, I thought there was going to be 13 episodes at least?

Trauma Cancellation Buzz: Trauma is Hurtin'! Save It or DNR? - Featured

Update: Trauma has been canceled. Get the scoop here ! As the new fall season kicked off, it looked like NBC had high hopes for Trauma being the next big thing to replace ER . But, not only has it not become a hit, it's hurting big time in ratings. It ain't cheap to shoot on site in San Francisco or run around with all that medical equipment, those fancy helicopters, and to blow up all sorts of stuff. To afford such a show, it would have to really prove itself as extremely worth it for NBC... and as hinted above, it has not. Cancellation Danger Zone Status: Trauma's premiere on September 28th brought in 6.9 million viewers, getting beaten out in the Monday 9PM timeslot by Dancing with the Stars at 16.8, Lie to Me at 7.7, plus Two and a Half Men with 13.6 paired on CBS with The Big Bang Theory at 13 mil. The only show it beat was Gossip Girl with 2.3 mil, and The CW has much lower standards than the main networks for TV ratings. ( Source ) Trauma carried on from there to drop and hold at 5.5 million through Episode 4 ( more ), then bump up slightly for its 5th episode to 5.8 mil ( more ). Considering its Monday night NBC pairing, Heroes , is hanging around 5.7-6 million and that's after it dropped a whole bunch during last season, it's looking like Trauma is hanging on as well as the troubled Heroes. As you can imagine, that's not particularly a good sign. NBC has not announced that Trauma might be on the chopping block, but they have already announced full season pick-ups for other freshman shows, Community and Mercy , plus for sophomore show Parks and Recreation. No full season love for Trauma. They've just announced they're committed to airing three more episodes of Trauma, but that's pretty much saying they've made these expensive episodes already, so they won't pull those episodes if something were to happen with the show's status ( more ). So, since it lost a whole lot of viewers right away after the premiere episode which probably included some of you Reelers, we want to know if you care about Trauma and think it should be saved! Here at SideReel we're all about campaigning for our favorite shows in danger to get saved, but while some of us have kept up with Trauma, (well, maybe just me...) we're much like the rest of its wavering audience not quite feeling the intense excitement this show promised to have. So how about you? Do you want to save Trauma or would you go with a "do not resuscitate" on this hurting newbie?

Trauma : Another drama about the "real" heroes?

Yet another medical drama where everyone is broken, has issues and of course how could any self-respecting tv series not include the character that is mourning a death of someone who died in the first episode and has flash backs due to it and the lovable jackass who at start will be making people roll their eyes at his pass, but the one who "dislikes" him the most, will be the one who falls madly inlove with him. (like no one saw that from the begining) Episode 2 shows how sensitive the paramedics are, and how much of a dickhead the doctors are. "Nurse jackie" shows how the doctors diagnose and are snobby but the nurses are the healers. "Grey's anatomy" everyone is broken (again) lovesick and suicidal (and these people are mending others) Trauma seems to be yet another series showing the "hidden heroes in the background" living up to all the cliche you can think of. - the woman paramedic that looses her lover/loved one and freaks out and tries to revive a dead man dispite of the shouting to stop and eventually breaks down in tears (episode 1) - the jackass everyone loves to hate, and the biggest hater will be his biggest love (prediction for the future) - the cocky jackass will make a fatal decision and cost someones life and he'll realise his error but still act cool about it, although he's emotinally torn (episode 2) - miracle healing through the love of a child (episode 2) - "manly" pretty woman who knows nothing about make up and a shitload about cars and other "boy" stuff, becomes the future biggest love of the jackass character (prediction for the future) and they will always quarrel over nothing. - the trainee that sucks badly and the trainer doesn't want him, but eventually accepts him (episode 2) As the episodes roll on, i believe everyone will notice the typical cliches happing waaaaaaay too fast and waaaaaaaaay too soon.

Trauma Season 1, Episode 1: Will 'Trauma' be the New 'ER'? - Featured

Medical dramas have been a trend for a while now, but there's been some serious scrambling since ER wrapped up after its 15 season run last spring to come out with the next big thing in the medical TV world! Of all the newbies from HawthoRNe , to NBC's other medical fall newbie, Mercy , Trauma definitely looks like the closest of all to ER , and it doesn't hurt that it's on the same network on one of the two biggest TV nights. So now that you've gotten to see the Trauma Pilot , what do you think? Will Trauma be amazing enough to replace ER? Does it have the same sustainable qualities, or do you fear this one's too epic explosion and shocking case of the week focused to bring enough holding power and strong enough character storylines to hold up to ER? And, hey, maybe you didn't find it'll replace ER for you or you weren't even an ER fan in the first place, but maybe you found it has all new awesomeness that will make this newbie a favorite - ER replacement or not! Share all your thoughts in the comments below!