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  • 41 episodes
    41 episodes
    • s2009e1218Vaporizer For Christmas
    • s2009e1214Too Sick For Christmas
    • s2009e1208The Best Red State Updates Of The Decade
    • s2009e1130Ole Timey Country Simple Christmas
    • s2009e1123Red State Update Reviews Sarah Palin's New Book "Going Rogue"
    • s2009e1116Twilight Time: The Twilight Tribute Band That Knows Nothing About T...
    • s2009e1104Republicans Win! Democrats Can Suck It!
    • s2009e1028Halloween Swap And Shop
    • s2009e1027The Conservative Bible
    • s2009e1025Meow Meow Torture Meow
    • s2009e1020Drunkest Guy Ever - Red State Update Remix
    • s2009e1009Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
    • s2009e1005Kill The Sick To Fix Health Care
    • s2009e1004Obama, Olympics, Chicago: UNAMERICAN
    • s2009e1003Homemade Crappy Video of RSU at UCB August 9, 2008
    • s2009e922Is It Racist To Hate Obama?
    • s2009e908NSFW Obama School Speech Rap UNCENSORED-- Tha Dirtee Dirtee
    • s2009e907Obama School Speech: Watch This Instead
    • s2009e831If I Were A Kennedy
    • s2009e828Ted Kennedy & The Health Care Town Halls
    • s2009e815Cheney Hates Bush
    • s2009e813Death Panels, Guns, & Health Care Town Hall Yell Meetings
    • s2009e809Cooking With Jackie Time: Cool Summer Treats
    • s2009e808We're Not Racist (LIVE)
    • s2009e807Shimmysham The Liberal Dummy (LIVE)
    • s2009e806Red State Update Town Hall Meeting (LIVE)
    • s2009e801Red State Update: Moderates?!?
    • s2009e730Mr. Slaw Goes To Comic-Con
    • s2009e729Red State Update Goes To Comic-Con
    • s2009e728Dunlap Effs With The "Lost" Line At Comic-Con
    • s2009e727Thank You For Your Service: More Jackie At Comic-Con
    • s2009e726Paul W.S. Anderson Gets Filmmaking Tips From Jackie Broyles
    • s2009e725Red State Update Meets Dennis Miller
    • s2009e724Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron Talk 'Avatar' With Jackie at Comic-Con
    • s2009e719Smoking Ban For U.S. Soldiers
    • s2009e718Walter Cronkite Dead At 92
    • s2009e716Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearing
    • s2009e713Cookin' With Jackie Time: Delicious Recipes
    • s2009e711Obama Attends Bulls**t G8 Summit
    • s2009e709Sarah Palin's Resignation Explained
    • s2009e707Remembering Michael Jackson