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Pilot- Stange Love

Did anyone notice how in the pilot that was aired again with the new character playing Tara, that some of the scenes were cut differently and others were actually shown. (The ones with Bill outside Sookies window and following) It changes the scope of the show quite a bit. Especially the cut of the gaurdian/cloaked figure in the woods while Sookie was saving Bill. Before it was almost as if that person was controlling the chains and everything while now it's Sookie. Also it takes them out of the running for killer, which is a little strange since that seemed like a likely candidate.

The Books & Tv Show

After watching the first few episodes i am really interested in reading the books but don't want to spoil the up coming episodes. How far does the first book go? Does it cover most of what has happened or is there still more to come. Really loving this show and can't wait for the next episode!

Can anyone confirm number of episodes in season one?

I have been doing some sniffing around online and I have found references where it is posted there is 10-12 episodes in season one. One of the sites even info all the way up to episode 8 but none are listed after 6 on sidereel, does anyone offically know how many episodes are in season one?

I love this show as much as everyone else but

I think they need to give us a bone on this murder business cuz it seems to me like they are killing off ALL of the characters. I'm just tired of everyone dying and no one knowing ANYTHING about who did it...not gender, class or species...I mean damn I might have to stop watching it cuz that's just pissing me off.

Hottest Vampires ever!!

I though that Angel and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer were the hottest vamps out there. Well Bill Compton from True Blood blows them both out of the water. Does any one else agree, lol ??? :)

I couldnt wait so I bought and read Charlaine Hariss books!

...and it's going to be so madly interesting! and the show really stick to the book, except something strange, Anna Paquin is even a better Sookie than the original one !!!

Who do you think is the murderer??

(For people who haven't read the book) *Please don't spoil if you know!* - 2 women have been killed so far - Is the murderer trying to set up Sookie's brother? - Do you think the murderer is a vampire? Or that nest of vampires? - Both of the murder victims had sex with Sookie's brother AND vampires - That dog is always around when bad things happen, could it be an evil vampire that can change shape? (far fetched yes lol) - Her boss is jealous that she's seeing a vampire, it could be him trying to set up Bill.. Those are just a bunch of random thoughts on who/what could be responsible for the murders. What do you think?


does anyone know who sings the song for the opening scene, also i love the show im curious how the main plot going to develope, but only thing is that the fang placement is a bit odd the vampires seem more like bugs bunny, but other wise it great and i want to find out that song/singer


Anyone else the acting in this episode was overdone? I really think this was a crappy episode and that isnt looking good.

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