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Vampires Unfair

So at first watching this I thought that the safest thing a human could to was to hide inside a home because a vampire could not enter their but now after seeing yet again another shining (thats what its called right?) and entering I don't really see the point. Then again I supposed they could level the house if they wanted to but the fact that a vampire can just make you let them in defeats the whole purpose of them not being able to get in anyways.

Tara: WTF?

I'm really not understanding what the writers are doing with her character. After season 1 I was certain she had a superpower but so far nadda. All the writers have to offer us is an angry black woman who lets her mouth get her into trouble which is nothing new in terms of media portrayals. The writers should let us find out who she really is...I am hoping that is what they are doing in a very roundabout manner.

truely great!

loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Minisode: Sookie, Tara & Lafayette,

For those of you outside the US.


In what order, do you read the Charlaine Haris books, for true blood?

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cant watch



How is it that you actually watch the shows???

Season 3

Doesn't start 'till the summer of 2010

next season ...

i'd be grateful if someone could tell me when the 3 season of True Blood is coming out.