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MaryAnne, what exactly is she

I still don't have her figured out yet. I know she attacked Suki, cause she wants Tara to keep staying with her. I've never read the books. Comments? Ideas

when can we see the new episodes on here?

i know that the show doesnt air until sundays at 9pm....will we be able to watch it on here shortly after that? how long does it normally take after the show airs for us to be able to watch it? im totally new at all of this and have no idea what to expect...i love the show and want to continue watching!!!

The Maryann Mystery

So after watching the season premier I feel like I may have a solution to the Maryann/Miss Janette mystery. **Possible spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched the season premier** Sam confirmed what I already suspected...werewolves exist in the True Blood world. He also seemed scared to death of them. Saying they were "dangerous, nasty creatures". Now, for some interesting werewolves facts. Eating human hearts, for a variety of reasons, is a common thread in werewolf lore. In some cases, eating the heart was supposed to "cure" a werewolf of their condition. In others eating the heart was simply the common diet...and in still others, the act kept the werewolf young and strong. Now, the fact that it appears that Maryann has stayed young (or at least the same age) for....well I don't really know how long...but for sometime strikes me as suspicious. Top it of with the heartless body of Janette found in Andy's car...now I know it's too soon to say for sure, but the sign's say right now that Maryann looks a little wolfy. To wrap it up I have no idea how that wacky statue works into all this. However, the fact that this statue appears split between a woman and a gray something or other...werewolf still sounds pretty good to me. I loved to hear your guy's thoughts on the subject....:)

True Blood 2.1: Did you think the Premiere was Fangtastic? - Featured

We finally got our summer obsession of True Blood back for its much awaited and hyped Season 2 with the premiere, ' Nothing But the Blood '! (Speaking of hype, have you participated in SideReel's Ultimate Vampire Face-off yet?) But vampire battle aside, did the Season 2 premiere live up to the hype and your love of Season 1? There were plenty of thrilling and shocking True Blood moments I absolutely loved like discovering the red nail polished toenails belonged to the dead and horrified Miss Jeanette and not Lafayette, then Lafayette beard-clad in a super creepy vampire basement. The Sookie-Bill sex was not so bad either, though I'm sure the men enjoyed that more than the ladies, or anyone who truly is into the bloody part of this show - wow on that factor. Overall the above revelations, the murder investigation, and the peeks into Sam's past with Mary Ann were pretty fangtastic and up to True Blood standards, but I did feel like the episode was a little slow. I suppose that should be expected after the crazy last few episodes of last season, so did you feel like the episode was too slow or was it just right and plenty full of True Blood shockers and goodness for you? Share your thoughts on the episode and your predictions for the big Season 2!

First Episode!?!

Not trying to be impatient, but when might this episode be posted? I need zee True Blood fix.

I want the read the books that this series is based on, but...

I don't know in which order to read the books.? Does anyone know?

New found love

I watched the whole season yesturday and I love this show...I couldnt watch it while away at skool...no HBO.... but i will be watching this summer CANT WAIT

True Blood

Hi! I was watching the true blood episode, I totally love this series, and I noticed the details and reviews of the episodes are not exactly accurate. I wanted to change some but it said I couldn't and to contact you for that. Would you ?

Season 2????

I looked up when season 2 of true bloods starts on the HBO website and they say its starts April 8th but when i looked at what Side reel says and they say it doesnt start till June well i wanna know when does TrueBlood REALLY start cuz i cant wait

Vampire blood

Hey! i was watching some clip of the show and i found it to be weird that when Sookie was drinking Bills blood all she got was "super senses" while her brother, with just one drop of vampire blood, would get all drugged and "High" if someone could explain it to me... thanks :)