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TRUE BLOOD Recap: “Love Is To Die”

Bill and Sookie’s story in this final season of  True Blood  has, in many ways, mirrored that of the show and its fans.  It started out sweet and fun, and a little sexy, but then became a mess of Billith proportions.  “I have almost killed her and almost raped her … yet she still keeps running back for more,” Bill confides in Eric about the reasons behind his big decision.  Doesn’t that sound familiar, Trubies?  The show has done unspeakable things to its characters and its narrative, but every summer we just keep coming back for more, hoping it will be different.  Well finally, it is.  Hit the jump for why “if your crying ruins my jacket, you’re paying for it.” Read more... //

True Blood Review: So Happy, So Much Pain

After seven seasons, there were a number of major questions left to be answered in the show's final installment. While many characters have become fan favorites, we began with the two who got everything started. It was only fitting for  True Blood Season 7 Episode 10  to open with Sookie and Bill. Bill noted how appropriate it was that they found themselves in the living room where he and Sookie shared so many moments. Read More... //


At what point did True Blood lose its way for you? I'm curious. What  should  have been the jumping off point? Was it the witches in Season 4? Could have been the witches, right? Though many fans out there sure loved Sookie shacking up with amnesiac Eric. How about Season 5's Vampire Authority? Should the series have ended when King Russell bit the fairy dust? Season 6 brought us Governor Burrell and the plague, along with "Vampire God" Bill. I'm asking because I don't really have a clear answer myself. I just know that the consensus now is that seven seasons was too much. Especially considering the way this final season handled itself.  Read More... //


I'll say this. I just spent close to sixty minutes waiting for True Blood's go-to time jump and, speaking directly to that, it did not disappoint. Eric and Pam now as wealthy "opening bell ringing" Nu-Blood manufacturers? Sarah Newlin as the world's highest-priced blood slave? Sookie pregnant with some mystery hipster's baby? All fine and dandy. Who was Sookie's beau? Who gives a crap? Remember how little she cared about Alcide when he was the big time jump surprise? And he was a main character on the show. Read More... //


"Love is to Die," as the penultimate series episode, marked the beginning of the end - delivering a dull, stretched-out farewell headlined by one of the show's most idiotic developments to date. Bill refusing the cure... because reasons.  And in typical True Blood fashion, an attempt is made to illustrate how dumb the story decision is (as if to indicate that the writers themselves are well aware) by having  other characters bring up how stupid it is. Jess and Sookie literally can't believe their ears when Bill refuses to drink from Sarah and insta-cure himself. Read More... //

True Blood 7.09 Review: “Love is to Die”

Can you believe there’s only one more  True Blood  episode left forever?  This show has had its ups and downs, but I will miss it nonetheless. Penultimate episodes of any series are usually when you see most of the storylines begin to wrap up.  In this case, I have a few concerns going into the series finale next week.  For one, how in the world does it make any sense that Sarah Newlin is still alive and relevant, yet we may or may not have seen the last of Sam Merlotte?  Sam left for Chicago to be with Nicole and their yet-unborn baby.  I find that hard to believe that he could cut ties with Bon Temps so easily.   Read More... //

True Blood 7.08 Review: “Almost Home”

We’re really in the homestretch now with only two episodes of  True Blood  remaining.  Storylines that have been dragged out unnecessarily all season long are finally starting to get wrapped up, including ghost Tara’s mission ever since her death in the premiere. Lettie Mae had roped Lafayette into helping her contact Tara, and this week she even convinces her husband to join her in drinking vampire blood to see Tara for himself.  All Tara’s been trying to do is show Lettie Mae that she needs to forgive herself and let her go.  I don’t know where I was expecting Tara to lead her mom and cousin, but the memories of Tara’s abusive father certainly shed light on why Lettie Mae was misunderstood as a bad parent. Read More... //

True Blood 7.07 Review: “May Be the Last Time”

The countdown to the series finale of  True Blood  is on.  Everything is still pretty much a mess in Bon Temps and beyond.  The parade of familiar faces from the past continued on last night’s episode, with the supernatural doctor and Sookie’s fae grandfather making appearances as well Hoyt’s return home. Sookie won’t allow herself to sit idly by as Bill’s virus is rapidly advancing.  She calls the only person they’ve yet to contact about Hep-V: Dr. Ludwig, the supernatural doctor who once healed Sookie so long ago in the second season.  This little doctor’s motto is that she’s “scared of nothing and no one” but when she learns that Sookie is a descendant of Niall, Dr. Ludwig is out of there.  It appears she’s actually scared of him because there’s a long history between the royal fae and dwarves. Read More... //

True Blood Series Finale: TV Recap

Its the final episode of "True Blood," a great series.   Read More... //

'True Blood' Series Finale: 20 Moments to a Mostly Happily Ever After in 'Thank You'

True Blood came to the end with a true death, a wedding, and a happily ever after. Check out both the tragic and happy moments from the series finale, "Thank You."  Read More... //