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what did you think of episode 11??

Well last night episode ten was aired at long last!..It wasn't long enough for my liking but otherwise a good episode..I wish that next weeks episode wasn't the last in the series,it's very sad.:(.I want to know what you thought of the episode?.

Video recap for episode 11, here:

Video recap for episode 11, here:

True Blood Predictions: How will the Season End?

True Blood continues to suck me in every episode as the situations just keep getting more intense and intriguing! In one of the latest episodes, "I Don't Wanna Know," Sookie discovered Sam's secret of shape shifting, Tara discovered the exorcisms were fake, Bill discovered he couldn't escape the ways of the vampires no matter how much he fought it, Sam discovered his lies weren't cutting it, and Eric and Amy discovered they had bigger problems than a few little lies. In the latest episode, "To Love is to Bury," the killer was actually uncovered to us viewers as Rene, Amy was killed leaving Jason convinced he was really the killer, Sookie and Bill were torn apart by Bill's return and jealousy of discovering Sookie and Sam kissing, and Tara got arrested then went home from jail with a very suspicious "social worker." So what are your predictions for the big season finale? Will these revelations and issues lead to Rene getting caught? Will Sookie and Bill have a chance together or will Sookie and Sam? And oh so much more! Share your thoughts and please avoid spoilers for those of us who have not read the books - thanks! Photo courtesy of true-blood.tv