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Wow...Sookie's Got The Power! (Season 2, Episode 10)

This episode was hilarious, exciting, riveting....and too short! Is it just me, or was this epi slightly shorter than usual? In some shows, a few minutes don't make much of a difference, but in True Blood every moment counts! Bear with me for a moment, though, b/c I do have a few small bones to pick with this epi :O It seemed to be plodding along at points...sometimes, it was as though the scene/dialogue was just filler to get to the next action/exciting sequence. For instance: The freezer scenes at Merlotte's: After they initially locked themselves in, it just seemed that the only thing making those scenes remotely interesting was Andy. The dialogue would have been completely blah, had it not been punctuated by his hilariousness. The exorcism with Tara: ...was "the worst intervention ever in the history of the world", as Lafayette said, LOL. I just expected more. Before Sookie came, it was like they were just marking time until she got there (although Lafayette periodically cracked me up), and then once she showed up, the 'deliverance' was anticlimactic. I mean, when Sookie tapped into Tara's brain, they showed images of the Maryann-related events that were stored in her memory, but how was Sookie's seeing that supposed to bring Tara back? The teary-eyed part with Sookie, Tara, and her mom would have been endearing, had it seemed anything significant actually happened prior to that. It just seemed like something was missing from those scenes, as though some stuff had been cut out or something...I don't know...I'm a fan of True Blood, but they could have done better with some of the writing for this epi. All in all, it was still good though, and I enjoyed the comedy/action/drama sequences so much that I forgave the other stuff and wanted more! Ok, so now that that's out of the way, let's get to the good stuff : ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Good Stuff...Oh Yeah... : D Hot, Sexy, Sweet: Ok, I loved the opening with Sookie & Eric! These days, I get happy any time I get to see Eric in a scene...especially with Sookie, so this beginning was definitely a treat! Loved their kiss & was grinning from ear to ear...except when he bared his fangs and she let him bite her. Yes, I know he's a vampire and all, and this is par for the course, and Bill has done it, blah blah blah...but for some reason, that just creeped me out. I guess b/c of the way he attacked her neck, and just before, he looked like he was getting ready to feast on one of his prey or something. Prior to that, though, I was like "Yeah!" The Hillarious: The first part of this epi was pretty funny...The Return to Bon-Temps in the beginning, Andy & His Wine Bottle, At Bill's with Hoyt's Horny Mom, LOL...Jason was the highlight of the scenes at Bill's: "If someone can call me back and tell me if we've been attacked by terrorists or what?" and "Uh oh...there are those f*&%ing eyes again," LOL. When I watched a second time, I noticed how he perked up when Hoyt said there was a new waitress at the coffee house, then got annoyed and was ready to go fight after Hoyt said she was dead, LOL...that's Jason, the perpetual playboy. Even Hoyt had a few funny lines, i.e., him thinking his mom's diet pills may have been the reason her eyes blacked out and she started acting crazy, and him trying to smooth over the fact that Maryann had taken over Sookie's house with: "That's just something they say: 'party over at Maryann's'," LOL.... There are three characters who I always get a kick out of, and they are Andy, Jason, and Lafayette. I have to say, Andy is a nut and I love him..."I had a nanny, her name was Annie...Annie the nanny," hahaha...he never fails to make me laugh whenever he's on screen. Jason is a lovable idiot, but in this epi, you could actually see him start to take Sookie's advice and use his brain a little. I thought it was smart of him to put the gun to Arlene's head, knowing that Terry had a thing for her and would probably be willing to negotiate (or was he still clueless and just lucked up on that one?). Speaking of Terry, he had me rolling too: "'Don't hurt my special lady'...'We will un-f*&% this situation at a later date'," LOL. The crazy bar scenes w/Maryann's possessed were like the comedy version of a B-rated horror movie on crack...the licking of people's legs, and what-not, was a little unsettling, but other than that, watching all those folks act like idiots was somewhat amusing. The coroner (the one who sodomized a pine tree, LOL) is another funny one: "god ain't gone be happy with you Jason...I bet he'll eat ya." Hahaha... Lafayette made the exorcism/intervention scenes bearable...it was funny to watch him get more and more frustrated with the situation. He went from trying to give Tara, somewhat, positive reinforcement: "Now, you're stronger than whatever this is and you know it...now get the f*&% up outta there" > to quoting scriptures with her Mom > to drinking > to negative reinforcement: slapping AND yelling in Tara's face, asking her "would you snap the f*&% out of it?!" > to "this has got to be the worst m'f*&%ing intervention in the history of the world" & drinking some more, LOL...he's just funny. Even him answering the door with the sorority chick, and fearfully telling Bill "you can come on in," cracked me up...sigh...what would we do without Lafayette? Bill's Coolness Points Restored (well...some): Ok, Bill got a few of his cool points back in this epi. I actually started liking him again, a little...not more than Eric, but not really less than either. Still, I'm sure when Eric shows up again in next week's epi, he will shine like a big bright shinin' star and Bill will fade into the backdrop as he has all season...so sad...but am I sorry that Eric has taken a more prominent role in the show? Not. At. All. Anyways, although it seems they've been emasculating Bill a bit this season (good examples: 1) Eric stealing his girl, then telling him to step aside...and he had to do it, and 2) In this epi, his getting sick, to the point of throwing up, from sucking Maryann's blood...it's like, what CAN he do?), I did see a glimmer of the Bill from season 1 in this epi, with his 'take charge' attitude, and that's what made his stock go back up a little. The Boring & Getting On My LAST Nerve: Maryann is getting on my cottonpickin' nerves now...I just don't enjoy seeing her and want her to be gone. Eggs was funny, though, when he joyfully asked her if she wanted them to go kill something so they'd have something extra fresh...why, was it funny? I don't know, it was just the way he said it....and also, the fact that his pupils were dialated to the max. When Sam told Andy about what Maryann was and what her intentions were, he thoughtfully pondered the situation and (hilariously) said, "If what you say is true, we need to kill that b*tch." That's what I'm sayin' Andy... that is EXACTLY what I'm sayin'. I was so glad when Sookie zapped that bwitch with her new superpowers, and will truly be happy when she gets fried. : D As I said, there were some things they could have done better in this epi, but in the end, it left me wanting more, as usual (I was hoping to see the queen...I don't think that was actually her leg we saw, since it had blood dripping down it, but then again...). ...sigh...Sunday's not here YET? : (