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Time Bomb/ True Blood ROCKS!!!

I have to admit that few shows grab me by the carotid arteries and refuse to let me go. I find myself mid-week sorely in need of my True Blood "Fix"! The latest Time Bomb episode, like all of it's previous brethern gave minor comfort--just enough to take the sting away, but then introduced a new twist that will keep me addicted untill next Sunday. I have heard directly from family (sister in law) and others at this site of their disappointment that True Blood does not follow the book. Well all that I can say to those individuals (and I have) is to stop watching True Blood and leave the rest of us alone. If I wanted to cheat anmd know what was a head I could pick up a book. I wish to praise the director(s) and writters for NOT blindly following the book! This makes it much more personalized and unique! True Blood Rules!