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How Long Should CBS Continue to Stand Behind Charlie Sheen?

The recent — and continued — reports of Charlie Sheen's erratic behavior made us wonder: How long should CBS stand behind the Two and a Half Men star? Earlier this week, Sheen landed in the hospital for what his rep says was an "adverse allergic reaction to some medication." He reportedly caused more than $7,000 in damages to his hotel suite before police intervened. In August, the 45-year-old avoided jail time after pleading guilty to third-degree domestic violence stemming from a dispute in Aspen, Colo., with his wife Brooke Mueller. Sheen is currently the highest paid actor on television, receiving a reported $1.25 million per episode. According to Forbes, the show, currently in its eight season, netted the network $155.1 million in ad revenue last season and is the most watched comedy in prime time.  Do you think CBS should ax their money-making star? Discuss Below   Source Here

Chelsea sucks

Don't you think that Chelsea just sucks? When I first started to like this show it was precisely the womanising, the loose attitude and great life style of Charlie Parker that compelled me. But to see him whipped by his lady, and crying over her stiff panties after he has spent weeks making up excuses so she won't be mad makes him look even more pathetic that Alan. Warner Brothers and CBS excecutives were worried about the extremely low ratings achieved by last season. If they ever wondered what could've caused it, I think the answer is as easy as: "Chelsea". Once this controlling, anal retentive woman started being a main part of the show, it just stopped being funny. I mean, Alan was enough already. The series just could not handle another insufferable little bitch who whines all the time, especially if she has such a great power over Charlie's actions. So, summarising: as long as Chelsea is on the show, we won't be experiencing whatever made this series funny.

Chelsie 2nd appearance

If you look at the first episode of this show when alan first moves in when charlie takes jake to the supermarket and they sing the cereal song the girl who talks to Charlie right after is Chelsie!!!!

Should Tiny URLs be banned?

Recently When I visited Two and a half men page for the season 6 premiere, All I can see is that half of the links are for the same site and same link. They were posted with the help of different tiny URL sites. I think posting same link with the help of different tiny URLs is a way of spamming. It's very annoying to get the same link one after another. It's a waste of time. I think use of tiny URLs should be banned. What do you think? Give your opinion.


man no show has ever made me laugh like this one, its always funny and i cant wait till c more.


man no show has ever made me laugh like this one, its always funny and i cant wait till c more.

Why is the episode 17 is broken?~~

Is there another link better than the others ? Cause i have been looking for better links but cant seem to find any good ones? it stopped right after Burta enters the room/ Help