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Tytania Collection 1 DVD Review

At twenty six episodes long, the first thirteen of which are here, Tytania is a series that has a whole lot going for it with a certain audience. The show is based off of the novel series of the same name from Yoshiki Tanaka who is responsible for the Legend of Galactic Heroes, The Heroic Legend of Arslan and Sohryuden: Legend of the Dragon Kings. The novel series for this began back in 1998 with three volumes published, though it's still considered ongoing and a new presentation of it by Square Enix brought in some fresh artwork from Haruhiko Mikimoto to give it some attention. The anime production itself has some gravitas to it with Noboru Ishiguro taking on the reigns as director and Haruhiko Mikimoto serving as an original character design checker. Taking a bit of the old Macross crew and pairing it with a show from the man behind Galactic Heroes is extremely enticing. Unfortunately, parts of it are more reminiscent of Glass Fleet than Galactic Heroes. In some relatively far flung future, mankind has spread out to the stars and forged a number of worlds and empires. The largest and one that is fully in control is the Valdana Empire which has an interesting arrangement made for it. The Empire has as its main force the Tytania clan which has no world of its own but rather serves as the armed might of the empire and has been instrumental in creating a forced peace for quite a long time, several hundred years in fact it seems. The clan operates under the structure of a single lord who has four dukes of various sub-clans within Tytania that handle most of the larger aspects of things. These are the men to be feared at different levels. Within here, the overall lord of Tytania is watching the four of them to see who would be best suited to take over when he passes on and a new relationship must be forged with the Emperor and the ruling class. Read More Click Me!