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This show just continues to get better

This show just continues to get better every week.The first season was fun and rode on it's interesting premise and likable characters this season began with some humour but is delving into a deeper and more complex story line even an exploration of relativism and situational ethics not bad for a show that some would dismiss as fluff keep it up and it will become something people go to conventions about.

New episodes

Hey! When do the new episodes of WH13 come out? I saw the last one 'MacPherson'!! But there are none after that?

Ware House 13 Cancled???

I noticed that warehouse13 was cancled i was wondering if that was true or not... I really liked this show and it would suck if they did pull it off the air

new show warehouse 13

just finished watching the new show warehouse 13 and loving every min of it it is growing on me the 2 agents really remind me of mulder and scully from the x files the story this week was interesting using music to rob banks unusual to say the least the only down side to this show is artie the guy looking after warehouse 13 sorry but he has to go dont like him at all