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Warehouse 13 2.3: "Beyond Our Control"

I'm still trying to get my head around what this show is trying to be. It doesn't seem to have that practiced blend of the serious and the goofy that "Eureka" found very early on, at least not yet. There were some interesting serious aspects of this episode, pertaining to Leena and the traces of McPherson still in her mind, which was treated without a hint of amusement. And then there was the rest of the episode. It was definitely a bit over the top, which is usually not a problem, so long as it fits into the same world as the serious parts. I'm just not sure they meshed all that well. That said, I could watch Claudia banter all night long, and the central idea of the episode was a lot of fun. Perhaps part of my problem was that the main plot included some very intentional logic issues. Which again, would have been fine, if the entire episode was framed in that same vein. But since it wasn't all a big over-the-top silly farce of an episode, it made no sense at key moments of "danger". For example, if a gladiator is about to impale you, and your partner right behind you is armed, why in the world would you stand right in her line of fire so you have no choice but to get gutted? For that matter, run! Also, at the end, the robot was real enough to use a magnet to take away their weapons, so why not just tackle the evil mad scientist to the ground, detain him, and play "dodge the robot" until the crisis is resolved? It just felt like the characters were making choices to serve the plot, which is always annoying. It's still the kind of summer show that I look forward to each week, even as a relatively new member of the audience, but it strikes me as similar to "Eureka", in that I enjoy it despite its uneven track record.

'Warehouse 13' - 'Beyond Our Control' Recap Season 2, Episode 3

So what did we learn during this episode of 'Warehouse 13?' Claudia drives an El Camino (interesting), the townspeople think the Warehouse agents are IRS hacks, and the show keeps getting sillier and sillier. Last week, our favorite team of relic hunters saved Detroit from imploding by snagging a pair of magical underpants off a delusional nerd's superhero costume. This week, a magical camera and projector developed by Philo Farnsworth made a B-movie marathon come to life. A B-movie marathon that almost blew up the little town on Univille, North Dakota, where the Warehouse is located. While Pete, Myka, Claudia and Artie rushed all over town searching for the artifact and saving various townies from gladiators and gunslingers, Mrs. Frederick tried to help Leena with her post-MacPherson headaches. But was Leena cured by the end of the episode? Does she still have a psychic link with MacPherson? Or is there something far more sinister going on inside of Leena's head? It's hard to tell. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Warehouse 13: "Beyond Our Control" Review Season 2, Episode 3

I have mixed feelings about this latest episode of Warehouse 13. On one hand, there were times where it was just silly to the point of bordering on ridiculous. On the other hand, it was still fairly entertaining and some of the story elements were executed rather well. Warehouse 13 has never been a show that took itself all that seriously, and it owes a lot of its unique charm to its ability to go beyond the mere fantastical and into the realm of the absurd. Sometimes that formula doesn't work out so well, but I think this time, for the most part, the end result is pretty entertaining. There are a lot of different things going on in this episode, continuing a trend of more complex stories in this sophomore season of the series. We've got Leena, Mrs. Frederic, and regent Benedict Valda (Mark Sheppard) in one side story that involves exploring Leena's post-possession headaches. Then we have our main cast trying to find out the source of some very odd random occurences in the town of Univille near where the warehouse is located. During the investigation, our characters go on a few tangents; Pete and Dr. Hernandez have some tiffs while Claudia is getting her geek love connection on with a young fellow named Todd at the local hardware store (which just happens to be run by a video pirate). It all culminates in a pair of artifacts with powers and pasts that are pretty ludicrous, but still fun. And let's not forget the team's cover as IRS agents, and the resulting reactions from the folks in the town. There's some pretty clever writing here. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

WAREHOUSE 13 ''Beyond Our Control'' Review Season 2, Episode 3

A movie marathon goes horribly wrong in the “Beyond Our Control” episode of WAREHOUSE 13 when an artifact unknowingly lost in the mail for over sixty years is suddenly used. The 1944 Gemini Project created a too real holographic camera and projector, and while the camera is safe in the warehouse, the projector has been collecting dust on the Univille post office shelf. When the Snuggie-wearing postmistress is laid off, she nabs the projector and uses it to watch Raymond St. James movies that come to life in the town. Pete and Mika try to protect the town until Artie and Claudia develop a last minute fix before the final film’s explosive ending. Meanwhile, a brave and vulnerable Leena submits to Valda’s plan to reinsert the pearl of wisdom to learn what MacPherson left behind in her subconscious. This is a clever episode that builds nicely. From Claudia trying to pimp out her Farnsworth (it’s never going to look like an iPhone, kid) and possibly breaking it to the room of pirated video, there are some fun red herrings. The projected films are perfectly cheesy with a vintage B movie feel. Poor dead tiger. The resolution is a bit rushed and sloppy but is completely saved by Artie’s giant floating head. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now