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Watamote Episode #11 Anime Review

Each episode seems to make it more of an exercise in seeing how much the viewer can handle in terms of watching what Tomoko goes through. She’s made such strides in her own way and reached out to others but is continually kept out of the loop, largely because of her own actions but also because she does fit the wallflower mode and is hard to see in a lot of ways. Her attempt at creating a club in the previous episode was a huge move on her part to try and connect with people in some form, and its rejection was just expected and brutal. With the show shifting to the second semester now and her life seeming even harder to correct at this point, the danger of the festival is here in that it could be a real breaking point for her. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #10 Anime Review

The second term gets underway with this episode and it’s amusing to see how Tomoko says at the start that the “real show” begins now as she attempts to make the most of her school life in a big way. Of course, getting back into the swing of things for the second term isn’t easy as the seating has changed and she finds herself mired in a group of people that will just make her life even more of a living hell. Every time she tries, and she does try from time to time, she finds things that just feel like major setbacks and hit her in a big way. With the way it segues into the opening sequence here it just hits home all the more about how she views herself and her inner voice like so many of us do at that age, whether we fit in or not. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #09 Anime Review

Having just finished summer vacation for my own kids, who range in quite a few different years and grades, there’s something about the final weeks of any vacation like this where it can just be too much. Boredom sets in in some ways, especially if there isn’t a lot of structure in general, and someone like Tomoko will find those endless days of possibilities more about tedium than anything else. As she enters the final days before the break finishes and it’s back to school, she tries to make a connection or two in order to have some positive memories. Unfortunately, pinning her hopes on Yuu doesn’t work too well as their lunch date gets canceled due to other commitments that Yuu has. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #08 Anime Review

Since Tomoko’s high school career has not been going as she’d hoped, there are things gathering in the background that are now poised to make things even worse. The latest is the impending arrival of her cousin, Kii, who she told before that she was one of the queen bees of the school and full of just about everything. With Kii now on her way to visit her, she has to change her style and attitude to become the queen of the bitchy students and show her that she really did achieve everything she said she did. And that means doing things like shopping for bitchy clothes – that middle schoolers can pull off but she can’t – and learning the ways of being a real bitch, in her words. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #07 Anime Review

With summer vacation fully underway, and having some really sad moments when it comes to Tomoko in the previous episode, we’re now seeing how she’s handling her break. The first few days are comically fine as she gets to basically do whatever she wants, which is to play lots of video games and spend her day enamored of her own interests and just relishing the time spent with them. And she’s gloriously happy that no matter how much time she spends during a day doing something, there’s still so many more days ahead of her summer break to enjoy them. But as it happens with those that are essentially cut off and alone, it doesn’t take long for boredom to sink in and the realization that she is alone in all of this. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #06 Anime Review

Tomoko’s life continues to be one that’s pretty amusing to watch as she’s largely stuck within her own world and we haven’t had one of the most dreaded things happen yet. That’s to cram in a growing group of similar minded people to be her friends and to be popular within that small subset of the school. Instead, she continues to be mostly a loner and uncertain about why she’s having such a hard time connecting with people, even if it is obvious to anyone watching from the outside. With the school year progressing on, we’re now getting close to the stage where the first semester is ending and summer break is coming up, so people will be doing some of the end of semester fun activities, which obviously includes fireworks. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #05 Anime Review

Tomoko’s attempts to become popular are certainly comical as we’ve seen her go about her first three months of school, but at the same time we haven’t really seen her do all that much to integrate with other students. More often than not, she’s just off to the side, grinding her teeth and looking spooky and unnatural in a lot of ways with her expressions and style of low speech. To be expected, she’s more and more off to the side as time goes on and it becomes a system of reinforcement as it progresses. What makes the show work though, even as it does this, is that it’s not forcing other awkward friendships of similar people like her into her life. She’s just continually self-ostracized as time goes on, and that’s fairly rare in the anime world. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #04 Anime Review

Sometimes Tomoko can be fun to watch just for the nature of how her mind works. Case in point is the start of this episode here where she clicks on just one more random article to read before going to sleep and ends up hitting a piece about how to create the proper sexual dreams when you sleep. Attempting to do that just brings in a series of horrifying bug-related dreams, nightmares really, which freak her out over and over throughout the night. And that just makes for a challenging day at school for her, enough so that even the teachers are keeping their distance. The way she seemingly gets more and more disturbed and disturbed looking as the series progresses and her situations change hit some great humorous notes. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #03 Anime Review

Having gotten to see how one of Tomoko’s friends from middle school has handled the transition to high school with a lot more ease than her, though at the expense of some of her passions, Tomoko has found herself again feeling like she just can’t do what’s needed to gain friends and become popular. Not that popularity really seems to be one of her goals in life, rather she just wants to have some friends and to not be completely alone in things, which is a pretty standard emotion among many kids as they struggle with so many things. For Tomoko, her struggles are exaggerated in a fun way just because of her actual personality and the kind of inner monologue that goes on at times as she views the world around her. Read More... //

Watamote Episode #02 Anime Review

The opening episode of Watamote certianly offered up some interesting charactes as we got to know Tomoko and her brother Tomoki. With Tomoko, so much of her problems just rest on the quirks of her personality and the way she interacts with other people that you can easily see why she’s not popular. And that because of said personality, it’s easy to understand why she can’t figure out that she herself is a large part of the problem. But there’s something to be said for not being popular and just sticking to what you’re interested in, and as we see from her interests – and the amusing way she’s presented in the opening sequence – she does have a strong internal personality that will take her a good distance in life, though possibly not in the best of ways. Read More... //