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Are you still on nancy's side?

(Season 3 spoilers), I stuck with her for a long time but when she sold out the tunnel that's when she finally lost me. When she was using & abusing every man in sight, destroying people's shit for no logical reason and being reckless without getting anyone else's input... at least she had people she was doing it for. Lately she's become just a danger junkie destroying everything for everybody on both sides of the fight.

New Episode...

Anyone know when the next episode is supposed to be, Like an actuall date thanks! :)

why is weeds blocked?

Did I do something wrong? I cant access weeds. Who do I talk to about this? I cant find any contact info for the site.

Golden Globe Nomonations: Bloody Faves and Psychotherapy Galore

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today and most of them could have been easily predicted. However, there was a little vampirific surprise in the mix. True Blood got a nom for best drama series and Anna Paquin (Sookie Stackhouse) got best dramatic actress. It would really have been a shocker if they'd been cool enough to nominate Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette). In Treatment dominated. I suppose I should watch it then, huh? Here are the other TV Series Noms (faves are in bold): Best Television Series - Drama Dexter ; House ; In Treatment; Mad Men; True Blood Thoughts: While I admit ...more

What is the Best Episode?

I found myself asking what are the best single episodes in TV, and I came up with this list of the best episodes of television! 1) Season 1 Finale of West Wing 2) Season 4 Finale of The Office 3) Brendan Fraser's Death on Scrubs 4) Lost - Season 1 Finale 5) 20 Hours In America - West Wing 6) Arrested Development - 1st Episode 7) Expose - LOST 8) Season 3 Finale of Weeds 9) Scrubs - My Musical 10) Celestial Navigation - West Wing 11) Curb Your Enthusiasm - Krazee Eyez Killah 12) MASH - Series Finale 13) Entourage - Season 5, Episode 3 14) The Office - Season 3 Finale 15) Friends - The One With Brad Pitt 16) LOST - Walkabout 17) West Wing - Season 6 Finale 18) Justice League Unlimited - 2-Part Series Finale 19) My Lunch - Scrubs 20) House - Season 4 2-Part Finale *Some comments have been removed for including inappropriate content. It's great to have discussions like this as everyone's opinions are different - that's the fun of it! :) So please comment all you like, but keep it clean, appropriate, and be kind to your fellow SideReel members. Thank you!

If You Havnt Started Season 4 Yet, Dont Bother

Seriously, this season was not even close to on par with the three previous. The hilarity of the characters and situations is entirely gone and really beyond that there is not enough to hold this show together. I loved the first three seasons, but watching the fourth one was like watching the second and third matrix. Now that I have, I feel like it sort of ruins the original. Save your time, leave your fond memories in tact, and start a new show. Season 4 is for the crows.


Season 4 On Dvd?

That makes sence

I didn't even think about that. I mean it's not like you could hear anything that they were saying!! How'd ya get so smart!!! haha

Weeds (spoilers)

WOW!! Nancy is pregnant..... I wonder what is going to happen next!!

Weeds Finale: Cheers or Jeers?

Did the Weeds finale suppress your Weeds appetite for the season or were you left disappointed? It looks like some fans aren't loving it as much this season - are you still completely hooked or feeling a let down after seeing how Season 4 has concluded?