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I've said it before, but Wilfred was one of those shows that that gradually evolved over time, going from an offbeat dark comedy to a surreal drama with comedic elements. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's a testament to the series' lore that it was able to hold viewers' attention for as long as it did without any real big laughs towards the end of its run. By the start of Season 4, I think a lot of fans continued to watch the show purely to learn the truth about one guy's unusual friendship with another guy in a dog suit. Luckily, that mystery was solved in a way that made perfect sense and gave those fans all the answers they were looking for, regardless of whether they were to their satisfaction. Read More... //


Coming full circle, Wilfred's series finale amusingly opened as the show once began, with Ryan nonchalantly planning his suicide. In a way, maybe Wilfred was just prolonging the inevitable, but this time Ryan's decision was much more bitter than before, as he looked out the window to see Jenna packing her bags and playing it safe. ("So long, girl next door," indeed.) But instead of Jenna interrupting Ryan's untimely demise, it was Catherine who came knocking on Ryan's door -- and she had quite the info dump prepared on The Flock of the Grey Shepherd. Read More... //


Wilfred's penultimate episode, appropriately titled "Resistence," successfully turned the events of last week's episode completely on their head -- and in a tragically beautiful way, befitting of Ryan's journey. Of course, it might have been a bit naive to assume that Ryan would reach  true  happiness at the end of "Courage," but to so utterly reverse that euphoria was a bold move, especially considering this was the penultimate episode. Read More... //

Series finale review: 'Wilfred' - 'Resistance'/'Happiness'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the series finale of "Wilfred," in which Ryan and the audience finally get answers about what Wilfred is.   Read More.... //


With just two episodes left in the final season of Wilfred, this week's "Courage" felt like the first episode to signal the beginning of the end. After the hilarious twist of Wilfred getting his arm (leg?) dismembered, a lot of this week's episode was dedicated to Wilfred adjusting to life with three limbs. But that injury was just the tip of the iceberg, it turned out, as a mass in Wilfred's lungs was discovered at the vet.  Read More... //


This week's Wilfred was devoid of any cult updates, but it did give us a bit of resolution on Ryan's mom and Kristen's longstanding grudge against her. This episode also kind of put a bow on the Newman family in general, with Ryan letting his mother and sister slug it out one-on-one to settle their differences. However, aside from that, "Responsibility" did little to progress the overarching narrative of Season 4. While I guess it was nice to get some closure on the Kristen/Catherine rivalry, it did seem a little unnecessary given how much more there is to learn about Ryan's father and the cult. (Keep in mind, we only have three episodes left before the series ends.) Read More... //


Well, it didn't take long for Ryan to go back on his vow to stay away from Wilfred. After the surprising return of Amanda last week, "Patterns" saw the resurgence of another familiar face -- well,  sort of  anyway. I had expected to see Bruce one more time before the series' end, but I was  not  expecting to see Billy Baldwin (of all people) replace Dwight Yoakam in the role. (Apparently, Yoakam  and  Mary Steenburgen, who usually plays Ryan's mom on the show, were  unavailable to shoot  this year and both recast.) I admit, I actually kind of liked Baldwin better  as Bruce, although the reasoning behind the change in his appearance felt pretty lazy. Read More... //


In a slight change of pace, this week's Wilfred was largely a frame story, in which Ryan set out to expose Wilfred's "true" identity as the trickster god Krungel. I have to admit, it was refreshing to see Ryan finally not fall for one of Wilfred's obvious schemes, planting the seeds for his own underhanded plot. Even though it was for the distinct purpose of misleading Wilfred, I did enjoy seeing another "Wilfred and Ryan hanging out in the basement scene" -- particularly whilst high -- since those seem to be few and far between these days. I actually laughed out loud at the pair's doodle of Goldsmith and Yoda, the latter of which commenting, "Uh, no thanks." In a season that's been mostly devoid of laughs (not in a bad way, mind you), I was glad to get a bit of comic relief in this particular sequence. Read More... //


Despite the fact that "Answers" was pretty much a big, fat misdirect, it was still compelling in that it basically told us, "This is one theory that is definitely  not  happening." In other words, if you're one of those Wilfred fans that thinks "Wilfred" is just one giant behavioral experiment meant to f*** with Ryan, then sorry to disappoint -- that is almost definitely not the case. However, this episode was still a fun exercise in "What if...?" Read More... //


The final season of Wilfred came out of the gate fairly strong with its hour-long premiere, but this week's "Loyalty" pumped the brakes on that momentum by shifting the focus to Kristen's child custody case and her ex Arturo (played once again by Lost's Nestor Carbonell). This was amidst a more interesting subplot involving Henry's will and the ongoing friction between Ryan and Kristen. As expected, Ryan's inheritance from their father came with a series of restrictions, whereas Kristen's was given freely, without any limitations. Read More... //