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Will &Grace Recap: The Fun in Funeral

Well, ladies and Debra Messing stans, we knew this day was coming.   ...Read More...

Will & Grace Recap: Maid Service

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the fall finale of Will & Grace. Adios, Rosario. As the promos for Thursdays Will & Grace had so heavily hinted, Karens maid, sparring partner and mother figure didnt survive the fall finale. Sure, Rosarios Quinceanera started off frisky and funny, with Karen assuming that, since her cleaning lady []

Will & Grace Review: Grace Makes A New Hire

When you follow a group of friends across decades, one of the things you will follow about them is their careers. People reach a certain age and they realize that the career they wanted is no longer satisfying, or they are galvanized to finally go after what they want. Will & Grace have circled back around to the same place they were in almost twenty years ago. The picture may look the same, but things are different. They want more, they need more, but there is no more time to dawdle. Even Jack knows he has to find purpose in unexpected places. And Karen, well, Karen’s stuck to the same "career" for decades and that is probably best. Will vies for senior partner, while Grace tries to land a major hotel chain as her next client. The client agrees, but he wouldn’t mind a little quid pro quo if he can get it. Will takes offense to being pimped out, until he realizes Grace’s client is Eli Wolff. The head of a major hotel chain and a senior partner at a law firm would make the ultimate gay power couple. There’s just one little problem with the fantasy: Will hates his job, which he has no shame in slobbering all over Eli. Despite the bad date, Grace does get the job, but realizes she’s been a bad friend. Will has worked his entire life for this, and it feels empty. He needs a new challenge, because now is not the time in his life for playing it safe. What’s riskier than going into business with Grace? READ MORE...

Will & Grace Recap: Eventual Gramps

Are you ready to feel old? Jack wasnt, either, in Thursdays Will & Grace. But he didnt have a lot of choice in the matter when a moppet came knocking at his Wills door asking if he had a son named Elliot. Yes, Jack replied. But like my friend Will and his hair, we had []

Will & Grace Recap: The Other Man

Youd think that a cancer scare would have to be the worst part of anyones day. But that just isnt how Grace Adler rolls. So in Thursdays Will & Grace, her unnerving trip to the gynecologist was overshadowed by an unexpected reunion with ex-husband Leo (Harry Connick Jr.) that was so fraught, it left her []

Will & Grace Recap: Princess Dye Job

This episode is full of Will & Grace deep cuts.   ...Read More...

Will & Grace Recap: Oldies But Goodies

This is a perfect, classic Will & Grace episode.   ...Read More...

Will & Grace Recap: Daddy Issues

As much as the Will & Grace revival might make us feel like not a day has a passed since the hitcom ended its original run, a whole lot of days have gone by, a point driven home hilariously by Thursdays episode, in which Will and Jack realized that, in the gay community, theyd become []

Will & Grace Season-Premiere Recap: Where There’s a Will, There's a Way

Good news: Nothing has really changed with this Will & Grace revival.   ...Read More... //

Will & Grace Review: A Game-Changing Sitcom Returns On Point & With Charm

The return of Will & Grace on Thursday after 11 years off the air could have been another one of those lame lack-of-new-ideas and blatant-cash-grab revivals that sadly have been in vogue the past few years. Fortunately, that is far from the case for the now ninth season of the sitcom that reunites stars Debra Messing , Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally . Already pumped up to 16 episodes this year and renewed for another new season , Will & Grace 2.0 might not be   ...Read More... //