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If you were forced to be on 'Wipeout,' would you try?

Over the weekend I had nightmares about being a contestant on ABC's Wipeout. They were at first terrifying but ultimately harmless because I ended up using my powerful sense of reason (which clearly does not translate to daylight hours) to decide to just jump into the water immediately. Think about it. The contestants clearly aren't required to complete in any of the tasks in the early rounds. The subtitles to your right don't lie. It doesn't hurt when you fall into a refreshing pit of muddy water. It would definitely hurt to get punched in the face by a reverse Whack-A-Mole board or have your spine tapped by a big fat ball that looks like a stranger's gut swathed in a tight red tee. Why even try? You know what will happen if you try. Serious question. If by some stroke of evil you became a contestant on Wipeout, would you even try?

Only on NBC?

Hey, I was just wondering: I can't watch this on NBC because I'm not American. Why is this show only avaiable on NBC? Could someone upload it? Thanks!