Recaps for Wonderfalls

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this show is AWESOME!!!

OMG!!! i love this show, why was it cancelled? i mean it was a perfect ending but some might argue it was a perfect beginning. either way, i wish it could have continued, its was a nice simple show based on honesty integrity but yet comic in its own little way. i mean just listen to the intro song, the lyics are here

season 1 ep 7

y'all have to see it. its freaking hilarious, "fat pat" the guy from 'til death' and 'blind dating'.

wonderfalls?? not a bad idea!!!

this show is so original and may not be bruckheimer produced or speilberg directed but it still has good stuff and im sure yu'll like it. plus its hilarious in a socialite way

reminds me of my name is earl

jaye ends up helping people who have problems, in strange ways (kind of like karma in earl) only instead of having a list of things to fix, she has talking animals that tell her to do things, which at first seem bad but somehow in the end work out good as though there is some higher power, so she decides to "surrender to destiny" really worth a watch at least, i like it a lot and am watching the season