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  • 37 episodes
    37 episodes
    • s20e37Potential Energy Surfaces, Transition State Theory and Reaction Mec...
    • s20e36Bond Energies, the Boltzmann Factor and Entropy
    • s20e35Understanding Molecular Structure and Energy through Standard Bonds
    • s20e34Sharpless Oxidation Catalysts and the Conformation of Cycloalkanes
    • s20e33Conformational Energy and Molecular Mechanics
    • s20e32Stereotopicity and Baeyer Strain Theory
    • s20e31Preparing Single Enantiomers and Conformational Energy
    • s20e30Esomeprazole as an Example of Drug Testing and Usage
    • s20e29Preparing Single Enantiomers and the Mechanism of Optical Rotation
    • s20e28Stereochemical Nomenclature; Racemization and Resolution
    • s20e27Communicating Molecular Structure in Diagrams and Words
    • s20e25Models in 3D Space (1869-1877); Optical Isomers
    • s20e24Determining Chemical Structure by Isomer Counting (1869)
    • s20e23Valence Theory and Constitutional Structure (1858)
    • s20e22Radical and Type Theories (1832-1850)
    • s20e21Berzelius to Liebig and Wohler (1805-1832)
    • s20e20Rise of the Atomic Theory (1790-1805)
    • s20e19Oxygen and the Chemical Revolution (Beginning to 1789)
    • s20e18Amide, Carboxylic Acid and Alkyl Lithium
    • s20e17Reaction Analogies and Carbonyl Reactivity
    • s20e16Recognizing Functional Groups
    • s20e15Chemical Reactivity: SOMO, HOMO, and LUMO
    • s20e14Checking Hybridization Theory with XH3
    • s20e13Overlap and Energy-Match
    • s20e12Overlap and Atom-Pair Bonds
    • s20e11Orbital Correction and Plum-Pudding Molecules
    • s20e10Reality and the Orbital Approximation
    • s20e9Chladni Figures and One-Electron Atoms
    • s20e8One-Dimensional Wave Functions
    • s20e7Quantum Mechanical Kinetic Energy
    • s20e6Seeing Bonds by Electron Difference Density
    • s20e5X-Ray Diffraction
    • s20e4Coping with Smallness and Scanning Probe Microscopy
    • s20e3Double Minima, Earnshaw
    • s20e2Force Laws, Lewis Structures and Resonance
    • s20e1How Do You Know: Divine or Human Authority vs Logic and Experiment