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First look at the Young Justice cartoon's way overdue return

Young Justice cartoon's way overdue return" href="//" class="pp_image"> To get ready for return of Young Justice — possibly because they randomly and confusingly stopped airing it back in October — Cartoon Network has just debuted the first trailer for the second, oh, 2/3rds or so of the show's second season, subtitled Invasion . It will resume alongside Green Lantern: The Animated Series on January 5th, with the season's 10th episode, "Before the Dawn," in which Nightwing leads a team to save the young superheroes kidnapped by the Light and their alien minions the Reach. It looks like some exciting times ahead — especially for Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle, everyone who doesn't know Artemis hasn't actually been killed by Aqualad and is instead undercover, and also anyone who has to deal with Deathstroke... unless, of course, Cartoon Network pulls another crappy bait-and-switch again and pulls the damn show again at the last minute. In which case no exciting times will be ahead at all. //

DC Nation Return Confirmed

And just like that, Cartoon Network's DC Nation animation block is back. The network has confirmed the return of  Green Lantern: The Animated Series ,  Young Justice : Invasion and those great little superhero shorts today. The block will air new episodes beginning January 5, 2013. Cartoon Network's announcement is light, light, light on details, especially considering the   mysterious delay DC Nation was dealt   back in the fall after returning from hiatus only to disappear again after only a few new episodes of Green Lantern and Young Justice aired. One expects that no explanation regarding that delay is forthcoming. Read More... //

New Young Justice, Green Lantern Episodes Abruptly Pushed to 2013

Fans looking for new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series on Cartoon Network's DC Nation block this past Saturday were sorely disappointed when they tuned in to find nothing of the kind (instead episodes of Dragons: Riders of Berk aired in their stead). Read More... //

Young Justice Recruits Brent Spiner and Alyssa Milano for the Injustice League

Here comes the Injustice League! In tonight's episode of Cartoon Network's Young Justice , a secret society of super villains emerges — and there's some cool voice casting on the roster. Star Trek: The Next Generation 's Brent Spiner (who appeared on last night's Big Bang Theory ) stars as the Joker, while Charmed vet Alyssa Milano plays Poison Ivy. //

YOUNG JUSTICE “Terrors” Episode 11

YOUNG JUSTICE  "Terrors" Episode 11 airs tonight at 6:30 p.m on Cartoon Network . Episode Synopsis : Batman assigns Superboy  and Miss Martian to go undercover inside Belle Reve Penitentiary, a federal prison  designed to  house  the world’s worst super-villains. Read More... //

Cartoon Network Is Ready for Action With New Episodes of Batman and Young Justice

Cartoon Network is back in action tonight — literally. After a lengthy delay, the channel's Friday-night action shows are finally returning with original episodes. Leading off the night is Batman: The Brave and the Bold , which begins its final run of new installments, starting with "Scorn of the Star Staphire!" (originally slated to air in May), guest-starring Green Lantern and Wonder Woman (in an awesome opening segment ). //

YOUNG JUSTICE “Targets” Episode 10

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming  episode of  YOUNG JUSTICE  "Targets" Episode 10 which airs tonight  at 6:30 p.m on Cartoon Network. Episode Synopsis : Red Arrow’s battle to prevent  the League  of Shadows from inciting a war pits him against the world’s most dangerous assassins — and allies him with someone more dangerous still. Too bad Aqualad couldn’t convince him to ask the Team for help…  //

Danica McKellar Makes Her Comic-Con Debut for Young Justice

The Martians are coming to Comic-Con! Well, at least one Martian is coming. Danica McKellar, who voices fledgling superhero Miss Martian on the Cartoon Network series Young Justice , will be appearing at the show's panel at the annual San Diego pop-culture fest. Young Justice , which returns with new episodes this fall, features a team of teenage caped crusaders from the DC Comics universe. (The show's first DVD volume goes on sale next week.) //