shOMG Celebrates the 12 Days of Netflix!
shOMG Episode 1: What to Binge-Watch This Holiday

Dec 19, 2014

​In the first episode of shOMG, Danny and Cathy wish you all a lazy

holiday season and bestow upon you a list of must-marathon shows! From

awards season veteran Homeland to freshman series Jane the Virgin, these

binge-worthy picks should keep you plenty busy while the rest of your

shows are on hiatus! [12: Homeland, 11: Orange is the New Black, 10: Once Upon a Time, 9: Brooklyn 99, 8: True Detective, 7: Sons of Anarchy, 6: House of Cards, 5: Scandal, 4: Fargo, 3: Game of Thrones, 2: How to Get Away with Murder, 1: Jane the Virgin]