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Grimm Casts Gilmore Girl Keiko Agena in Japanese Mythology Episode

Portlands Wesen, meet the hippest of Hep Aliens. Gilmore Girls star Keiko Agena will guest-star in an upcoming episode ofGrimm,and TVLine has exclusive details about her role. Agena will play Madoka Akagi, a second-generation Japanese-American woman who loses her teenage son, Kuma, in a devastating tragedy that her husband believes is no accident. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa []

'Grimm' midseason premiere: What to expect from 'Eve'

'Its a little bit like 'Alias,' a little bit like 'Nikita''...   Read More...

Grimm's Bitsie Tulloch Previews Eve's 'Laser Focused' Mission, Encounter With Nick & Co., Thoughts on Adalind

Sure, Grimms Juliette was passive at worst and destructive at best (or vice-versa, depending on your point of view), butstar Bitsie Tulloch says shes going to miss her old alter ego. I will definitely admit that I had mixed feelings when the producers called me in March to alert her that Juliette was going to []

Grimm: Is Trubel Hadrian's Wall's Answer to James Bond?

The names Rubel—Theresa Rubel. The return of Ms. Rubel, aka Trubel, in Grimms fall finale introduced viewers to a changed version of the baby Grimm, someone who'd spent her time away from Portland training to be a weapon of Wesen extinction in the coming uprising. Oh yeah, and she has some pretty cool toys now, too...

Grimm Photos: Trubel and Meisner Face Off, Nick and Adalind Go In for a Kiss

Grimm's Nick really seems to have gotten over that whole you-pretended-to-be-my-girlfriend-and-slept-with-me thing. Because from the look of these recently released photos from upcoming episodes, the Grimm and the former Hexenbiest—who, you'll recall, impersonated Juliette and wound up pregnant—are about to get very cozy indeed. Many of the shots in the gallery below are from the supernatural drama's...

TVLine Items: Flash Casts Geomancer, Grimm Return Postponed and More

According to The Flash producer Greg Berlanti, the two craziest episodes that weve ever done are around the corner and now we know who will play the villain in them. Adam Stafford (Peter Pan) has been cast in the CW drama as Adam Fells aka the DC Comics villain Geomancer, according to Geomancer ...

Grimm EPs, Star Weigh In on [Spoiler]'s Shocking Return, Nick's 'Wild' Reaction

This post contains spoilers for Fridays fall finale of Grimm. Theres simply no way to talk about what happened in the Grimm fall finale without spoiling that huge moment. So for the sake of those who havent watched, just click on Read More, and well get into all the Wesen-licious details, OK? PHEW. Thats much []

Grimm Video: What Kind of Trouble Has Trubel Gotten Herself Into?

Here comes Trubel again. Grimmsyoungest Wesen fighter is back in Portland, but as youll see in this exclusive sneak peek at Fridays episode (NBC, 9/8c) her reappearance begs more questions than it answers. The baby Grimm is in a bad way, so Nick, Hank and Wu have to piece together what little info []

‘Grimm': 25 Things to Know from the Set of Season 5

Grimm is the little show that could, as it has weathered a Friday night time slot that would normally signal that it was being dumped by the network. Instead the show has built a steady fanbase and is about to celebrate one of the biggest anniversaries a television show can have: 100 episodes, which generally signals that the show will be packaged for syndication. In Grimm’s case, the show is already airing in reruns on TNT, but the main cast, all of whom we got to talk to, were gathered for a cake cutting ceremony with one special guest that was unexpected: Bitsie Tulloch. READ MORE...

Grimm First Look: Nick and the Gang Encounter the Dreaded Rat King

And you thought Pizza Rat was gross. The Dec. 4 Grimm(NBC, 9/8c) finds the Scoobies plus guest star Carlson Young (Scream) running afoul of the mythical Rat King, and weve got your exclusive first look at the episode. (If you dont know what a rat king is, Google it. But dont do so []