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30 minutes

Growing up isn't always easy for a teenage girl -- especially if, as is the case for Tess, she is the only female in a house full of guys. In Tess' case, she has three brothers: older brother Gabe is a self-professed babe magnet who's almost always seen with a girl on his arm, twin brother Sam is a bit of a geek and younger brother Spencer is precocious and smart. Then there's the kids' dad, Jack, who is overprotective (especially of his little girl). He's a high-school teacher and coach at his kids' school, which means he's more involved with their personal lives than they would like. Thankfully for Tess, she's a wrestler so that helps her handle all the testosterone in her house. Also helping Tess navigate her teen years is her best friend, popular cheerleader Allie, who is a fixture at Tess' house. Complicating things just a bit more is that Tess' twin brother has a massive crush on her best friend.