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Tuesdays, 1:00 AM ET on Comedy Central

30 minutes

What happens when frighteningly inventive creators are given free rein to express their comedic minds, unfiltered and by any means necessary? Well, TripTank happens: a new series showcasing animated shorts so strange and so volatile it's a wonder they don't come with a recommended dosage. Combining a range of animation styles and a diverse cast including Larry David, Wayne Brady, Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Galafianakis and loads of other respected performers, the show promises to offer all the euphoria of a potent hallucinogen, without any of the puking. Ok, maybe some of the puking.

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Large cartoon boxed
Show's that look good, and I'm not tracking
Large natalie33
Adult-ish Cartoons. Stuff i liked. Nothing too childish here :)
Large natalie33
Themes / background the lot :)
Large natalie33
Just pure randomness.. might make more sense on acid kinda shows
Large nocover ws
This list only includes shows that i am following.