The Most Detailed Investigation You Will Ever Read About Inaccurate Mad Men Typography

Normally you might scoff at a person for being so nitpicky, but since Mad Men prides itself on those little details, Mark Simonson points out a bevy of fascinating flaws with various fonts used in Mad Men.

Bookman Old Style from 1989? Lucida Handwriting from 1992? Zapfino from...gasp...1998? How could you guys be so thoughtless?!

Mad Men, Mad Props


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Oct 9, 2008 1:59PM EDT

Wow, talk about minutia! I mean, it's great and all that he found snafus in the details, but wow, I don't know that I care that much. There is so much more happening on Mad Men right now that could be debated, like an interracial couple in the 60's, or a gay man in the 60's, or divorce in the 60's, or smoking, or the glass ceiling, or sexual harassment...I applaud this guys quest but I think he's looking for the wrong grail.

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