One Tree Hill - Season 5, Episode 12 Review - Wedding: Interrupted

It is kind of hard to believe, but last night marked the 100th episode of One Tree Hill.

100 episodes is a landmark because it demonstrates that a show has some serious staying power and pretty much guarantees it a syndication deal if it didn't already have one (One Tree Hill actually already does though; I believe older episodes are aired on SOAPNet). Many shows do not make it to this point, especially within the teen genre, where even the hit shows manage to only eek out a few golden years before rapidly declining into oblivion (take The OC for example, which only made it to Episode 92, and was watched by very few in its later seasons).

100th episodes are also always guaranteed to be a spectacle.

100th Episode cliche checklist:

1. A Wedding (or a birth, or both)

2. Old Faces/Special Guest Stars

3. Flashbacks with classic clips from earlier in the series

Check, check and check!

Looking at the episode in more detail, I have to say that I was kind of disappointed with a few things. For one, I think the show took the most obvious and easy way out of the whole Lucas/Lindsay wedding scenario. Lindsay - at the last minute - realizes that star-writer Lucas had crafted a rather transparent metaphor about a comet in his latest "masterpiece" which signified that the wedding was not meant to be. Exit state left, Lindsay (though Lucas claims to want to fight to get her back).

Perhaps I was the only one, but I was actually rooting for the wedding to go through. Since the show has already been renewed for yet another season, it is still too early to stick Lucas and Peyton together to live happily ever after, and I don’t know if I can stand a whole additional cycle of Lucas finding a new love interest while Peyton broods. I think they could have had a whole lot more fun with a little Lucas/Peyton adultery plotline down the road…

The deranged nanny Carrie "I'm gonna be your momma now" plotline was also the most ridiculous thing I have seen in my life, even for One Tree Hill. Furthermore, since Carrie was being painted as being in love with Nathan, I don’t quite understand what kidnapping little Jamie would accomplish (and I know I am probably the only one, but I actually don’t think that Jamie is cute…I think he is annoying and a horrible child actor). Furthermore, I can see with a ten foot pole that Dan’s little heroic vigilante stint of rescuing kidnapped Jamie will be entirely misunderstood by everyone else (who will insist that he was responsible for the whole thing)...

Some other random thoughts:

-Did they really have to start off the episode with Lucas pulling a Britney-like stunt of driving with Jamie on his lap? Hasn’t it been established that this is never acceptable behavior?

-Why exactly did Karen make her grand reentrance via a boat?

-I totally forgot that Lucas had a little sister.

-"I think the day I graduated high school was the best day ever…because that's the day you were born." - Nathan to Jamie - Only One Tree Hill can reference a simultaneous high school graduation/birth like it's completely normal.

-Nice nod to Friends by Skillz.

Sadly for all of you One Tree Hill fans, you will now have to wait for new episodes until Monday, April 14, where the show will also be moving to Monday nights.


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