And Then There Was One

So who watched the finale of Project Runway last night? (read more only if you want to learn the winner)

I have to say that the Runway Show was by far the strongest one ever (no Wendy Peppers or Michael Knights this time). I think you could have made a convincing case for any of the three designers to win.

However, there could only be one winner, and the judges went with the collection that was clearly the most high fashion, but also the least wearable.

Though I was gunning for Jillian, I actually ending up liking Rami's collection the most. His dresses were just gorgeous, and really innovative with the braiding. I honestly think that if he hadn't selected such ugly colors for half of his pieces that the judges might have gone with him.

That being said, I agree that Christian's collection looked like what I think that high fashion is supposed to resemble. Though there was far too much black (and feathers), many of his pieces were awfully impressive. I can recognize that. Even Victoria Beckham - fashion goddess - seemed genuinely wowed by Christian's collection and talent.

I guess I'm glad in the end that it wasn't me doing the deciding. The judges had a terribly difficult decision (though I think they have clearly established a trend that they go with high fashion over wearable any day...rejecting Jillian this season and Uli last season) and though it sounds cheesy, I feel like everyone truly was a winner.

What were your impressions of the finale?


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