Brothers & Sisters: Double Negative

Though last night's episode of Brothers & Sisters was called Double Negative (I'm assuming a reference to the paternity test), I can count a whole lot more than 2 negative things that occurred.

First of all, we spoiler alert now know that Rebecca is NOT A WALKER. Gasp. Not genetically, at least. But then again, didn't we all see this coming? However, what we may have not seen coming was the way that Rebecca dealt with things. As Rebecca explains (or screams at) to David (her actual father), she's come to love being a Walker...and apparently plans to continue on being one. She lies to Justin, telling him that the test revealed she is in fact a Walker. Also not surprisingly, Justin seems vaguely disappointed when he is told that Rebecca is his sister. Shame, Justin, shame.

Conveniently for Rebecca, David runs back off to NY (deserting Holly, who really seems to know how to pick her men), either A) because he's scared of being a father (he did explain to Rebecca that during her youth he was a total loser) or B) so that Rebecca can continue living a lie, since he is the only other one that currently knows the truth.

Other things that occurred in this episode:

-Nora is bummed about Isaac leaving.

-Saul goes through with Graham's China deal even though Sarah warned against it. She gets angry, apologizes for getting angry, then learns that it was a bad deal and Ojai will have to cover some 20 million dollars. Ouch.

-Robert is offered the vice presidency by Taylor, but Kitty (whose embryos we learn are not viable) seems less than excited and discourages Robert from accepting. Robert wants to accept, but luckily Taylor ends up making Robert's rejection easy by acting like a complete d-bag. Kitty is happy again.

-We learn that Scotty doesn't have health insurance and Kevin proposes a domestic partnership to cure all. Scotty declines...because he wants the domestic partnership to be special.

-Everyone dresses up for a cancer benefit because those Walkers are just so amazing and charitable and of course would do things like throw cancer benefits.

-Justin takes Rebecca surfing "because she's a Walker now", though as far as I can tell this is just an excuse to stick Emily VanCamp in a bikini and let us imagine that Justin is mentally salivating (she couldn't wear a wetsuit, that slut, could she?).

-Tommy doesn't do anything notable (does he ever?). Julia doesn't appear at all. Neither do Sarah's kids. Or Joe. What happened to Joe?

So some people are calling a "jump-the-shark" moment with this Rebecca/Justin soon-to-be romance. I am still undecided and as I pointed out in an earlier post, the attraction is explainable, so perhaps the show will just explore this societally taboo attraction without ever actually having the characters act on it. Then again, perhaps 2 seasons down the line there will be a Justin/Rebecca wedding...




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Apr 29, 2008 2:10AM EDT

haha I definitely found the Rebecca lying about her paternity test thing questionable, but in her defense, it was her first time surfing so she probably didn't own a wetsuit! And also, she hasn't been slutting it up the way her mother did at her age in quite some time - so let's give her a bit of credit here. And besides, let's face it- who WOULDN'T want to be a Walker?? (Well, now I personally would not, so I didn't have to deal with the awkwardness of being in love with my brother, because really- who isn't in love with Justin?!)
Anyway, glad Robert turned down the chance to be on the d-bag's ticket (as you so perfectly described him), and glad that Nora decides to channel her house-decorating money into something good and charitable. (Too bad Ojai will be in the dumps and no longer able to fund this for her.. stupid men not listening to the woman in charge!)
And also, did you notice the particularly horrible acting in the scene at the beach when Justin, Tommy, and Kevin are discussing Rebecca's strange recent behavior? Especially by Bathazar Getty (Tommy)? Maybe that's why he hasn't been getting much play in terms of storylines lately.
Anyway, good post, and can't wait to see where the potentially incestuous storyline goes! How nice it might be to have this attraction explored without being exploited.. but what primetime show wouldn't jump at the chance to act on something so obvious and ridiculous and ground-breaking?

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Apr 29, 2008 11:46AM EDT

I really really love Brothers And Sisters. Justin and Rebecca are a cute couple. In the last scene where Justin is teaching Rebecca to surf, she was looking at Justin in an awkward way, because she knows that he is not her brother.
One of the things I like about the show is the scene between Nora and one of her children. She is always there for them and always good advises.
Wow, just when you thought that Ojai is doing ok after what their father left them, there is another difficult financial situation for them....
Stay tuned...

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