Week of 3/8 - Ten Things We Can't Wait For!

Another great week of television is upon us! 10 things we are most excited for:

1. The L Word finishes up its run! - Loved it or hated it, we've got to single out the "Last Word" for groundbreaking Showtime series The L Word. Still holding out hope for that spinoff?

2. Breaking Bad Season 2 Premiere! - You might have glossed over this show's quick 7 episode first season, but Bryan Cranston's Emmy-award winning performance makes this one that you definitely don't want to miss!

3. Guest star mania on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory! Laura Prepon hits up HIMYM as Ted's ex-girlfriend and Summer Glau hits up Big Bang as herself!

4. Premiere of Dancing with the Stars! I was never a DWTS enthusiast, but the Olympics-nut that I was...I can't wait to see little Shawn Johnson put on her dancing shoes! Steve Wozniak should be a hoot as well.

5. Nathan Fillion returns to TV in Castle! Guest starring in Desperate Housewives was a start, but we all know that Nathan Fillion deserves his own show!

6. South Park returns! South Park returns Wednesday night with an episode promising to skewer those slightly obnoxious Jonas Brothers and their purity rings...

7. Chopping Block premieres on NBC! Yeah, it looks like a cheap knock off of every other cooking show on TV, but its high time NBC introduces its own spin on the food theme, so we're willing to give this a shot!

8. Smallville and Supernatural return to The CW! - It's about damn time...am I right? Look for Tori Spelling's return to Smallville as Linda Lake.

9. Old Friend visit the ER! - Eriq La Salle pays his dues this week as ER continues its swan song. Noah Wyle's (Dr. Carter) guest starring run also continues. Oh, and though only rumored...one word: Clooney.

10. It's the beginning of the end for Battlestar Galactica! - This Friday marks the first part of SciFi's sure-to-be-epic conclusion of BSG. It's a can't miss!

What can't you wait for on TV this week?


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