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From TV Squad by Jonathan Toomey

(S06E06) "Listen, from here on, I swear, if one of my friends so much as jerks off, you're gonna be the first to know." - Ari

I don't want this review to come off sounding like I'm annoyed with how this season of Entourage has gone (so far, it's already better than last season and I loved this episode), but I really don't see what direction it's headed in.

Going into this season, there was a lot of speculation that landing a role in Marty Scorsese's latest flick would finally nab Vince the attention, and Oscar, he's been longing for. After the premiere, where all we heard was how amazing Gatsby was, there hasn't been a single mention of that plot. Instead we're getting a lot of smaller mini-arcs that just don't seem to tie together.

Of course, this is the direct result of something that I, along with many other fans, have been lobbying for - seeing some serious character development. The only problem was that up until this season, everyone else sat stagnant and ate, slept, and breathed all things Vince. Vinny was the glue that created that continuity and with him essentially being relegated to the sidelines now, everyone else is off fighting for their own piece and it feels very segmented.

I have hope that it can still tie together, but it's looking grim right now. Drama is gung-ho for Five Towns in a big way (more than we've ever seen before), Eric is working for Murray now, and Turtle is going to be sitting in lecture halls four days a week. Granted, the addition of Jamie-Lynn Sigler to the guest cast for Five Towns has kept a connection between Drama and Turtle alive (I will feel horrible for Turtle if that network exec Coakley does end up screwing Jamie-Lynn), but Eric is so far removed from everything else right now, that his scenes feel like we're watching a show within a show.

A few more thoughts on "Murphy's Lie" -

-What's the consensus with Ashley? Do we even like her? So far, she's established herself as rude, childish, untrusting, nosy, and temperamental. I see no positives from Eric pursuing her.

-The scene with Marlo tearing through the Miller-Gold office, looking for Lizzie was priceless. Jami Gertz must be having a blast with this role.

-The scene with Vince having sex with the college chick while she videotaped it has the potential to go somewhere and I hope it's not wasted - there had better be a Vincent Chase sex tape floating around soon. Vince needs some conflict ASAP and what better way to create some negative press during his Oscar campaign?

One final thought, and this one is important because it could be the impetus to bring the gang back together (at least a bit) - anyone think Coakley will actually follow through on his threat and have Drama killed off of Five Towns? I'm betting he does it. Next week's episode is called "No More Drama." Uh oh.

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Aug 17, 2009 9:45PM EDT

I agree, I hope the sex tape does get out somehow. Perhaps this will bring Shauna back into the show, I think she is hilarious and can be just as funny as Ari at times.
I kinda feel sorry for Ashley cause I think she got swept up in the Hollywood lifestyle. Although I'm a big fan of Sloan so if this means Eric will get back with her, go for it. And Ashley does lose points for calling Sloan a b**ch.
I hope Drama does get killed off Five Towns, cause that storyline has kind of run out of steam.
As much as Vince is my least favourite of the boys, the show isnt the same without his story included, and season six hasnt had much of him at all.
However the season is looking up, I think "Fore" and "Murphy's Lie" were some of the best episodes since the end of season four.

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Aug 17, 2009 11:11PM EDT

As far as a continual central story goes there really hasn't been anything. There's continued plot lines but even that's really just restricted to E and Sloan and Ari dealing with Andrew's affair.
Still they've been good single episodes. Can't say I've been bored watching any.
This was the best episode so far this season. Watching Marla have an Ari-esque office screaming session was the best part. The relationship between Ari and Mrs. Ari was good too.
Drama is probably going to have a few intense episodes coming up now that his boss has it out for him. Jaime might get upset that he thought she would actually cheat on Turtle. I can't really see her doing it. He's definitely going to make a move on her though.
I agree that the sex tape should leak. (Even more so if she really did invite a few friends since that would make it even more of a scandal than an average sex tape would.) It would be a classic Hollywood situation and watching Shauna, E and Ari deal with it would be hilarious.

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Aug 18, 2009 2:33AM EDT

I really dont think they have much of a central plot for this season. It started with Eric getting his own place, turtle being with jamie, and johnny doing his thing with his show, which left Vince alone away from the guys, so I thought the theme of this season was going to be how they were slipping away from each other with their own things and how that dynamic would effect their group, but they all but abandoned that notion almost immediately. This season, for all intensive purposes has been about E and Sloan with stuff happening in the background of their episodes. This season hasnt sux but it is a far cry from the great early seasons.
Ari has been a ancillary without much to do this season, he needs to start having bigger involvment where he interacts with the boys a lot more. Ari going with them to Vegas is still probably my favortie episode, they need more of those types of storys where he is involved in the main plot.
I am not a big fan of the Ashley character, to this point she has been nothing more than an annoying detraction from the inevitable E/Sloan relationship, unless she is going to have a bigger role and her character is allowed to develop more in later episodes, she is just kind of there for the stake of being there, a character that gets forgotten about one episode after she leaves, unlike Sloan which was allowed to develop and reacure, the Ashley character is still going to be living next door, so unless the show is just going to pretend she doesnt exist they need to develop her other than just becoming that annoying, irrational, chick eric was with for those three episodes in season 6.
I dont like the sex tape angle they are going to present, it seems like a cheap cliche that they are doing to try and give Vince a bigger storyline. Its not very practical that he would allow the girl to keep the tape, a girl who is not a girlfriend who he hooked up with once while he wasnt even drunk. It just doesnt seem like a rational sober person would allow her to keep it. It isnt like he wasnt aware they were being taped, that would of even been better, if he didnt know that she was taping it, but this just seems to contrived and outside of what would probably happen for me to like this arc.
I do love the Johnny going nose to nose with his boss over trying to bang jamie story though. That fits right into Johnny's character and a great way to get the Five Towns plot off the show, as it has run its course. Johnny needs to be the struggling actor who gets in his own way, thats why his character is the best on the show.

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