What's causing your TiVo Guilt?

Are you afflicted with TiVo Guilt?

If your DVR is full of stuff that you'll probably never watch, but don't want to delete...then the answer is yes!

As a CNN article explains, "You want to watch TV, and what do you have? You turn on your DVR and you have a homework assignment. You're sitting there and you have to weigh, well, 'I have to watch this thing, because I promised myself when I told TiVo ... I want the whole season of that! Go get it! And go get things like it!' And so you've committed to this decision and it's a burden - suddenly your relaxation has turned into more work."

Are you afflicted with TiVo Guilt?

So...I'm guessing that a lot of you have TiVo guilt as well. My question is...what's causing it? For me, I still have Season 2 of Heroes piled up, most of this season of Without a Trace, the last 5 episodes of Fringe and until this past weekend (yay Thanksgiving marathons), about 8 episodes of One Tree Hill.

What can't you bring yourself to watch, yet at the same time can't bear to delete?


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Dec 3, 2008 9:28PM EST

Personally, I'm waiting til I get a few sick days, curled up on the couch with cocoa and a remote, in a benadryl stupor to catch up on episodes. I hate the ideal of deleting something that at some point I had some interest in...even if I don't have the slightest clue why. Alot of the clutter I know arises when I hear a preview and go ahead and schedule it then think about it and all the different scenarios and possibilities, eventually sticking on the most outlandish. Then when it actually airs my ideals and what really happens are totally different. I think I like the episodes in my head better.LOL

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