NBC Announces Their 2008-2009 Lineup

As promised, NBC has released their 2008-2009 TV Season Lineup 6 weeks early. Perhaps this is because they were trying to create excitement surrounding a relatively dull and unchanged Fall Schedule...

This is not to say however that there are not a few things to be excited about:

1. Old Stuff: Though we already knew this, Heroes and Chuck are back on Mondays. Life is back, though moving to Fridays at 10. Though not surprisingly with all of the awards and recognition it received this season, I'm thrilled to report that 30 Rock is back for a full season (as is Earl and The Office) on Thursdays.

2. Renewals: Lipstick Jungle has officially survived. So has Friday Night Lights, though new episodes will not be airing until the winter (though if you have this DirecTV business you can see them in the Fall, hence this deal that we spoke so much about over the course of the last month).

3. New Stuff: Now is where I will start discussing what I find to be less exciting. Announcing a lineup is supposed to be all about the excitement of the Fall pilots, and quite frankly NBC has very few of them and none of them have truly caught my interest (nor do they sound like the next great hit that NBC still needs).

There's Crusoe, based on the novel (Robinson Crusoe). Though Robinson Crusoe is a great book, I feel like Lost has the monopoly on island castaway stories for the next 2 seasons. I can only take so many of them...

They're making a series out of the Knight Rider movie remake that aired earlier this year. I didn't actually watch the movie, which though it received good ratings I had heard was quite average. I imagine that people will soon come to their senses a few episodes into the series.

Kath & Kim - This is starring Molly Shannon and Selma Blair as a dysfunctional mother and daughter. It's a remake of an Australian show. For the record, Molly Shannon and Selma Blair are 8 years apart in age. Furthermore, though Molly Shannon has moments of comedic greatness, I find that too often her comedy is over-the-top. I also have a general distaste for Selma Blair, though perhaps that's because she seems to have a knack for playing unlikeable characters.

My Own Worst Enemy - This is the Christian Slater as a spy series. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm kind of over Christian Slater.

The Office Spinoff - This is not premiering until the winter (after the Superbowl). I'm not sure where everyone else falls on this one, but I think that an Office spinoff is a terrible idea. I love the Office's brand of quirky, bizarro humor, but I love it in small dosages. A spinoff will never be as good as the original and furthermore, it will be too much of a good thing, both setting itself up for failure and simultaneously reducing what makes the original so special.

The Philanthropist - Rich guy fights crime with money and helps the homeless. Maybe.

4. More Unexciting Old Stuff:

-2 nights of Deal or No Deal per week.

-ER is officially back for a 15th season.

-The Law and Orders are back; SVU in the Fall, the original in the winter. I'm not saying that these are bad, but I just don't view them as Must-See TV.

Check out the full lineup (with airtimes) on the 2008-2009 TV News page.

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Source: E!Online and seat42f.com


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