Patrick Swayze is "The Beast" (Interview)

A&E has set a premiere date for new Patrick Swayze series The Beast (what an awesome title): January 15th, 2009 at 10PM.

While a TV series starring a different film actor of yesteryear, Christian Slater (My Own Worst Enemy), failed to excite me in the slightest...I am fairly intrigued by the concept of seeing Swayze on a week to week basis.

Check out this interview from The Chicago Tribune where Swayze discusses the new series, its title and shooting in Chicago:

Q What makes Chicago a good home for The Beast?

A I play an unorthodox, rogue FBI agent. Something felt like the right match with this character and this city. There's a huge sense of loyalty you get here. In the series, loyalties are constantly tested. It kind of reminds me of Texas, where your handshake is your contract.

We've seen Chicago in films but never in a series like this, on this level. Chicago is "The Beast," like many things are the beast - the dark side. Working undercover is the beast. But Chicago needed to be its own animal, its own living, breathing character that encompasses everything, holds the characters within its consciousness.

Q Your soundstages are in Cicero, but you've filmed in some of the grittier parts of the city.

A I felt that Chicago added so much, just in terms of the energy. If you read any Tom Clancy novel, Chicago is much more a dangerous point in this country than people realize. Tom Clancy says, if you want to invade the U.S., come through Mexico and come through Chicago, and split the country in half. Chicago has much deeper-reaching fingers, from a national security point of view, than most people realize.

There's a sense of family here that I haven't gotten anyplace else. There's a bond. You feel it in the crews. It has true character and a uniqueness you wouldn't find in just any other city. And that's not just blowing smoke. I really mean that.

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