ANTM: And the Winner Is...Recap!

Spoilers Included

We start off this week's episode with 3 girls left which means it's time once more for those painful CoverGirl commercials. I really wish that these weren't a part of the competition - I have decided - because I feel like nobody ever does a particularly good job, and even if they do, a better commercial never ever trumps a better picture.

Luckily, tonight the girls received their lines in advance in an attempt for them not to be quite so awful, though again nobody ends up being particularly impressive. Fatima is again too robotic, Whitney is excessively bubbly bordering on fake and Anya is clueless, though the judges think her charm saves her (and that she has the strongest commercial). I disagree. You couldn't understand her. How could that ever air on TV?

But again, the commercials don't really matter. So...onto the CovcrGirl pictures! They are in black and white which is different than usual (from what I can recall). Whitney's picture is surprisingly good, Fatima receives an eye smiling demonstration from Tyra (which means she is doomed) and Anya is told by Paulina that her picture makes her look stupid (stupid, albeit pretty, in my opinion).

Anya is called first (again) and Whitney is left in the bottom two (again) with Fatima. The judges give Whitney some sort of BS "Who IS Whitney?" criticism, but not surprisingly Fatima is given the boot.

Next we spend about 3 cumulative minutes watching Anya and Whitney do a photoshoot for the cover of Seventeen magazine, shot by Nigel this year (which Tyra announces as exciting, but I'm pretty sure is a downgrade from Gilles Bensimon). Both girls look cute though we never get to see close ups of the photos (even later during the final judging, which bothered me).

Fashion Show Time!! This year the girls are wearing Versace, which sounds like an upgrade from usual. Hilariously, at the beginning of the show each of the judges make an entrance by walking down the runway, which seemed rather unprofessional and un-fashion-show-like to me. Tyra naturally takes the longest time to make her entrance.

The fashion show was fairly unmemorable this year. First of all, the girls only did 2 passes each (didn't there used to be 3). Anya seemed really nervous during her walks whereas Whitney was super bubbly (almost too much so).

Final Judging: So here's where things get interesting. The judges thought that Whitney really stood out on the runway (which she did, I guess, but only in comparison to Anya...I don't think her performance was stellar either).

During the picture comparison, the judges only pulled a few from each, and conveniently they pulled mostly Whitney's good weeks (I'm just saying...where were all of the pictures that landed Whitney in the bottom two about 5 times). So...the judges didn't give the "Whitney had the better fashion show" but "Anya had the stronger portfolio" commentary, which is right around when I started becoming very concerned for Anya. Some of the judges even thought that Whitney had "prettier" pictures, which honestly is the biggest nonsense I've ever heard.

Paulina thought that, "Whitney is the one a man wants in the bedroom", but "Anya is the one to buy the dress from". By that logic, you'd think that Anya should win, except that...

Whitney was crowned America's Next Top Model - the first ever full-figured winner of the program. I wasn't entirely angry (and I did appreciate Whitney's closing words, saying that she was somebody that young girls could look up to), but I definitely was surprised.

Then again, Anya will probably do just fine for herself. Winning ANTM hasn't proven to necessarily help a career anyway...


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Sep 9, 2008 2:25PM EDT

I have searched the web non stop, I know there is a show for women over 50 who missed their chance......I feel like I now have a chance after teaching for 20 years and had to retire this year. I am 5'2" and maintain a weight of 88-90 lbs, work out on treadmill and my total body gym, body fat is at 18. I would love to know how to get the "chance" I have always wanted to get into this field now that it is no longer limited to the tall young clients and maybe extend to a 54 year old woman who looks like she is 30 and works hard to maintain. I have given of my self to my students and my blended family of 5 that has now expanded with grandchildren, is there any hope or am I living in a pipe dream? Donna Myslinski

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