Art Ain't Easy (10/28/2007)

In a nutshell:

Heinous fountain (not much else going on).

Perpetually obnoxious: Susan.

Perpetually Useless: Orson.

MIA: Victor (and seriously, does John Slattery play anything besides a dirty politician), Julie and Dylan.

What Worked:

-Loved the literary allusion to the Holocaust poem. Is it me though, or are those "Desperate Housewives" writers getting awfully ballsy? First, we had the Philippines incident. I feel like somebody is also going to be offended by their comparison of a Home Owner's Association to the Nazi Regime.

-The alternating campaigns montage (with Lynette and Katherine traveling around Wisteria Lane) was very well done, I thought.

-"Fascism, Ida, not fashion."

-Apparently the gays are going to be playing hardball. And is Katherine's husband some kind of a pervert or something (Chicago...)?

What Sucked:

-No self-respecting gay or straight person would ever buy that fountain. Ever.

-What is with ABC and all of these pointless guest stars? Granted, John served a little more of a purpose on tonight's DH than Ava did on last week's Grey's, but I seriously think that ABC gave Jesse Metcalfe a "pity guest spot" because they feel bad that he has turned into such a loser.

-Why would you make out with Carlos in front of an open window Gabrielle, why?

-Lynette was a little bit melodramatic when she thought that her treehouse was going to have to go. The kids could have also gone into their room, locked the door, and called it Terabithia. Terabithia doesn't have cancer either...

-Next week's preview: Why are they going to be showing a Halloween episode (and a bad looking one, at that) 4 whole days following Halloween?


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